What Kendall Jenner Just Bought That Left Fans Scratching Their Heads

What Kendall Jenner Just Bought That Left Fans Scratching Their Heads

For members of the Kardashian-Jenner family, there is no move small enough or simple enough to avoid the attention of their adoring fans (and gloating haters). Kendall Jenner may not draw quite as many headlines as famed big sisters Kim Kardashian or Kylie Jenner, but the second-youngest of the group certainly has her admirers. And she definitely knows how to get attention. 

In fact, the superstar cannot even do something as common as buying a beverage without garnering massive online speculation about her intentions.

She recently stopped in a bodega in New York’s SoHo neighborhood and came out holding the purchase that’s causing quite a stir: a single can of Coke. 

Why is this purchase getting so much attention and even angering some people? Read on to find out. 

People are suspicious of Kendall Jenner’s intentions

There are several factors in this Coke-buying incident that have people suspecting that there is more to it than meets the eye. First of all, Jenner is suspiciously visually coordinated with her beverage of choice. She’s wearing a bright orange dress that’s almost exactly the same hue as the can she holds as she exits the store.

Fans are also noting that her attire is a little upscale for a trip to the bodega—even for a Jenner. She’s wearing sparkly high-heeled sandals, fancy gold-colored earrings, and has a full face of makeup and freshly styled hair. She also walks out of the door with the can prominently displayed.

Her appearance has fans wondering if this little stop at the store is actually an advertisement or paid promotional placement from Coca-Cola. The suspicions ran even wilder when Jenner posted a grainy photo of herself buying the drink on her Instagram account. 


Other fans are not quite so convinced and believe the whole thing could be a coincidence. After all, it isn’t unusual for Jenner to be dressed up and ready for a photo shoot. She has to live her whole life prepared for the spotlight. 

A sneaky ad would break the law 

Why does it matter if Kendall Jenner is getting paid to walk around with a Coke can in her hand? The FTC has strict rules about paid advertisements posted on online platforms like social media accounts. If a post is part of a paid campaign, it must be clearly communicated as an advertisement. 

It is very unlikely that Jenner is unaware of these rules. After all, the Kardashian family has gotten quite a bit of negative attention for bending and outright breaking the rules several times.

In fact, Jenner’s own social media accounts were included in a collection of posts and tweets that skirted FTC regulations. The collection was compiled by an advertisement watchdog group trying to draw attention to the problem. 

The Kardashian-Jenner sisters have already been accused of not taking the rules seriously. People accuse them of continuing to take payment for paid ad placements without disclosing their professional relationship with the brands they promote.

This practice has been particularly frowned upon since the high-profile Fyre festival debacle. The festival used paid social media influencer accounts to make their event appear authentic and credible. However, the information shared across these accounts was a lie that left many would-be partiers suing for fraud. 

Maybe Jenner really was just thirsty and stopped to grab a sweet treat on her way to some other activity. Maybe she just really likes the color orange.

However, if the purchase of a single can of Coke really was an advertisement ploy intended to get Coca-Cola a little more online attention, it certainly seems to be working because people have not stopped talking about it. 

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