Where is Jane Noury from Always Jane now?

Where is Jane Noury from Always Jane now?

Always Jane: Official trailer from Amazon Prime Video

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Always Jane is set to premiere on November 12 on Amazon Prime and will be a four-part documentary series following Jane Noury. Filmed during her high school graduation year, Noury is balancing the stresses of school and relationships just like any other teenager. However, she has the added pressure of growing up transgender, something the docuseries explores in detail.

Where is Jane Noury now?

Always Jane charts a two-year journey for Noury, from graduating college, becoming a model, and navigating the pandemic.

The four-part series, which is spread over two years from 18 years old to 20 years old, ends with Noury entering college.

Noury, still 20, is also still at college, studying at the School of Visual Arts in Manhattan, New York.

Of course, she continues to model, with many of her more recent snaps on her Instagram.

Most recently, Noury has been sharing snaps of her life in New York City, showing images of herself on billboards ahead of the documentary’s launch.

Noury wrote: “Not every day my big head is displayed in times square…. no big deal…

“Truly thank you to everyone who made this happen. Especially you @ernietalbert thank you.” (sic)

As for the documentary itself, Noury had no intention or inclination to make a series about her life, but it happened through a happy accident.

The creator and director of the series is Jonathan C Hyde, the filmmaker behind the documentary short Blondish: Bye Bye Plastic.

Noury and Hyde met during a 2019 brunch for competitors in a model search by Slay Model Management.

Slay is an all-trans modelling agency based out of Los Angeles.

Hyde was there with the intention to document the modelling search process, but quickly switched plans when he met Noury.

Speaking to The Guardian about the meeting, Hyde said: “If you don’t know a trans person, you don’t know necessarily how to relate to their experience.

“A lot of people could see Jane, and see the Nourys, and maybe understand something that they don’t really understand much better.”

Hyde gave Noury some handycams to film her experiences over the course of the two-year shoot.

The documentary concludes with Noury’s gender-affirming surgery in 2020, bringing the series story to a natural conclusion.

Of course, Noury continues to update fans on social media as she completes her college degree and makes her mark on the modelling scene.

Some of her professional shots and work can be seen on her website – janenoury.com.

Always Jane is set to be a singular, self-contained docuseries, which is unlikely to receive any form of continuation.

Of course, if Noury and Hyde want to collaborate again, there is always the chance they will create a follow-up, charting her college years.

Always Jane will be available to watch exclusively on Amazon Prime from November 12.

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