Where is Popeyes meme kid Dieunerst Collin now?

Where is Popeyes meme kid Dieunerst Collin now?

REMEMBER this kid from Vine? Social media veterans will recognise this iconic face from a mile away.

Popeyes meme kid Dieunerst Collin has been a popular face on social media for as long as memes have been memes. Where is he now?

Who is Dieunerst Collin?

In the eyes of social media, Dieunerst Collin – AKA Popeyes kid – has been recognized for almost a decade by many as a legend – nothing more, nothing less.

Dieunerst, who found fame in 2013, is no longer a boy, but is all grown up and attending East Orange High School.

What is the Popeyes meme?

Best known for awkwardly glancing at the camera whilst holding a cup in Popeyes in 2013, Dieunerst was mistaken for Lil Terio – another Vine sensation.

The lucky mistake catapulted the kid into worldwide fame and he has been known as the Popeyes kid ever since.

After the hilarious interaction between him and the person behind the camera went viral, he became deeply integrated into meme culture.

According to Fox 8, the Vine video accumulated 19 million views in total before the app was discontinued in 2017.



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What is the Steve Buscemi meme?

Dieunerst, 6-foot-1, posing proudly with a trophy (Instagram)

Where is Dieunerst Collin now?

Although the meme brought the social media star a whole lot of attention, Dieunerst has certainly made a name for himself outside of social media.

The viral star, standing at 6ft 1inch with a weight of 315lb, has now been nicknamed by teammates on the East Orange High School (N.J.) team as The Killer Whale.

It seems the Popeyes kid has again had a brush with fame as he went viral again after he shared the news of his successful football career with a picture of himself holding a trophy on Twitter on December 6, 2021, to his 3,000 followers.

With all the memorable memes that have graced the internet, it's fair to say Popeyes kid is one of the most iconic.

Congratulations to him!

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