Where is Rachel Riley?

Where is Rachel Riley?

RACHEL Riley announced that she'd be (temporarily) leaving Countdown after the episode on Friday, December 10.

The Maths whiz took some time away from filming ahead of the birth of her second child, but she has confirmed she'll be back on-screen in 2022.

Why is Rachel Riley not on Countdown?

At the end of the episode on Friday, December 10, Rachel Riley revealed that she would be absent from the show for some time.

"I've had word from Channel 4, apparently one mash-up is enough for this show," the 35-year-old star joked, "they don't want to turn it into one born every minute.

So I'm being retired off to have my baby."

Rachel's co-star, Anne Robinson, who she's been rumoured to be feuding with, also wished Rachel well during her time away.

"Have a wonderful time," she said, adding that Rachel was leaving some "big shoes to fill."

When will Rachel Riley be back?

As Countdown is filmed in advance, Rachel has actually already given birth to a daughter named Noa, who she welcomed on November 5, 2021.

Noa is Rachel's second child with husband Pasha Kovalev, a pro dancer she met when the two were paired together on Strictly Come Dancing.

Rachel didn't give an exact date for her return to the show, but said that viewers could expect to see her "in 2022 at some point".

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Who is replacing Rachel Riley on Countdown?

Rachel's role on the show is being temporarily filled by Anne-Marie Imafidon MBE, a former mathematics child prodigy, who passed an astonishing two GCSEs whilst still in primary school.

The Maths genius went on to become the youngest ever graduate with a Masters Degree in 2010 after completing her studies at the University of Oxford.

In 2013, Anne-Marie became the CEO of Stemettes, an organisation geared towards encouraging young women to enter STEM careers.

After announcing her departure, Rachel was full of praise for her replacement, saying, "she is wonderful."

The two have also worked together in the past on a campaign to encourage girls to get involved in sport.

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