Who is Bake Off 2020 contestant Marc Elliott?

THE Great British Baker Off is now in full swing and the contestants continue to wow the judges with their culinary skills.

Will Mark Elliott have what it takes go all the way and be crowned the new Bake off champion?

Who is Marc Elliott?

Marc is 51 years old and as well having a passion for cooking, he is also a local bronze resin sculptor.

He was born and raised in Leicester and Marc decided to enter Bake Off to show his daughters that you can achieve anything you set your mind to, regardless of what obstacles might be in the way.

Marc also loves climbing and spent his childhood and adolescence travelling the globe and scaling mountains before returning to the UK and becoming a landscape photographer.

He now lives in Cornwall and works as a support worker and also decided to take up climbing again.

What is his injury?

In 2016, Marc Elliot lost his left leg in a motorbike accident.

He then began to make bread as a form of therapy after the tragic accident.

Asked how he felt when he finally got into the famous Bake Off tent on the first morning, Marc said: "I was incredibly excited, happy and very very nervous.

"Being surrounded by eleven other great people, all in the competition with me, and I just remember feeling the very positive and exciting energy in the tent."

Who are his daughters?

Marc is a single parent to his two daughters.

His daughters are willing him to victory on Great British Bake Off and hopes to inspire them with his efforts.

They both appeared on the show to congratulate him after he was awarded the star baker in bread week.

He couldn't hold back the tears as he said emotionally: "I just got star baker didn't I? On bread week. It's the thing that I enjoy making, it's the thing that started me on this whole experience and to get star baker, it's amazing."

The Great British Bake Off continues on Channel 4 on October 13 at 8pm.

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