Who is ‘Euphoria’ breakout Jacob Elordi? Netflix hunk shows dark side in HBO’s teen drama

Who is ‘Euphoria’ breakout Jacob Elordi? Netflix hunk shows dark side in HBO’s teen drama

Spoiler alert! This story contains details from Sunday’s episode of HBO drama “Euphoria.” 

So, about that locker room scene. 

Many critics and parents were up in arms earlier this month when it was revealed that one sequence in HBO’s controversial new teen drama, “Euphoria,” would feature more than two dozen penises. That phallic display arrived in the opening minutes of Sunday’s episode, although for broody football player Nate Jacobs (Jacob Elordi), it was more troubling than tantalizing. 

As his naked teammates cheer him on in the locker room, Nate experiences disturbing flashbacks to when he was a young boy who discovered violent, pornographic videos that his father (Eric Dane) recorded with both men and women. 

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Those scarring memories made a lasting impression on Nate, who is already proving to be a breakout character just two episodes into “Euphoria’s” first season, which also stars Zendaya. More on that and the actor who plays him: 

Australian actor Jacob Elordi at the Los Angeles premiere of HBO's "Euphoria" earlier this month. (Photo: CHRIS DELMAS, AFP/Getty Images)

Nate is the show’s problematic heartthrob 

Nate’s dark past and tumultuous relationship with his dad had major ramifications in this week’s episode. After his girlfriend, Maddy (Alexa Demie), reveals she was black-out drunk when she hooked up with another guy, Tyler (Lukas Gage), Nate breaks into Tyler’s house and brutally beats up the 22-year-old, who committed statutory rape by having sex with the 17-year-old Maddy. 

Nate also starts to question his own sexuality after striking up a secret texting relationship with Jules (Hunter Schafer), a transgender girl whom he once berated at a party. The two are now unknowingly flirting with each other on a dating app, where Nate uses the alias “ShyGuy.”

Twitter users were shocked to learn Nate is Jules’ potential love interest. 

His idol is Heath Ledger

Though Elordi has since deleted all traces of him and King together from his Instagram, in their place fans will find standard red-carpet pictures and smoldering, black-and-white portraits of himself, as well as pictures of his acting inspiration, the late Heath Ledger. “There’s a lot of times in Hollywood that I’ve wanted to throw in the towel, but then I’ve watched something that he said or just watched his journey, and it’s made me feel pretty good,” Elordi said in an interview with IMDB. “I think he, Australian to Australian, makes me feel like movies are something really special.” 

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