Why Does ‘Teen Mom’ Farrah Abraham Have So Many Haters?

Why Does ‘Teen Mom’ Farrah Abraham Have So Many Haters?

Former TeenMom star Farrah Abraham can’t seem to catch a break. She regularlyreceives backlash on her Instagram and Facebook accounts. Whydo people dislike Abraham so much? Her supporters weighed in on Instagram,and some people didn’t like what they had to say about the reality star. Here’swhat Abraham’s backers have to say about why the celebrity has so many haters.

Farrah Abraham’s daughter, Sophia, is also the subject of hateful comments

Unfortunately, Abraham’s daughter, Sophia, has also been atthe center of criticism. Sophia has her own Instagram account, so Teen Momviewers sometimes leave unflattering messages about her and her mother. Somefans jumped in to defend her, saying users shouldn’t leave negative comments ona child’s page. The most recent comments were left on her account after Abrahamleft a congratulatory post for Sophia after she won second place in apageant.  

Farrah Abraham said she ignores her haters


During an interview with Logan Paul on his Impaulsvie podcast, Abraham said she makes a point to ignore her haters and she does her best to remain focused on living her best life. She also said she’s doing well and she’s not affected by what people say about her. “I ignore the hate. I’m doing better and better every year. It’s good I know where the hate is. Why do people hate me? I don’t know,” she said.

Abraham also spoke about the strained relationships she had on the set of MTV’s Ex on the Beach. She said she experienced a lot of tension between her and her housemates. “People just like to make themselves feel better by attacking someone,” she said.

Fans say this is why Farrah Abraham has so many haters

Fans on Instagram think they know why the former Teen Mom star is disliked. They believe the haters are simply jealous of Abraham because of her appearance and the media attention she has been getting since appearing on Teen Mom. One Instagram commenter said these people are probably looking for ways to feel better about themselves. “I don’t know why they follow her if they hate her so bad! They do it to make themselves feel better.” 

One fan saidshe doesn’t understand why some people make an effort to tear another persondown. “Why do people feel the need to go out of their way to try and tearsomeone down for absolutely no reason? It’s so odd to me.” Another Teen Momviewer said the joke is on the haters because Abraham is making money from whatshe does. “I find it so entertaining that people go out of their way to posthateful comments on your page. I feel guilty almost laughing at some of them. ThenI think, yeah buddy, you’re laughing all the way to the bank. Get it!”

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