’Why not?’ BBC’s Chris Mason hits back at Jenny Chapman’s credible question’ remark

’Why not?’ BBC’s Chris Mason hits back at Jenny Chapman’s credible question’ remark

Labour grilled on why party ‘isn’t further ahead’ of Conservatives

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Nina Warhurst and Chris Mason hosted BBC Breakfast on Sunday morning and the pair welcomed Labour’s Baroness Jenny Chapman onto the show. Mason grilled the Shadow Cabinet Office Minister about the progress of the Labour Party, questioning why they weren’t “further ahead”. The BBC presenter hit back at Chapman after she accused him of asking a question that wasn’t “credible”.

Looking at recent events in politics, Mason asked: “Why on earth aren’t Labour even further ahead?

“I know you’ll point to some opinion polls that show that labour have made progress, but it was the Liberal Democrats winning that by-election the other day.

“Should you not be making more progress?” The presenter questioned.

Chapman replied: “We do want to make more progress, absolutely.

“We’re not satisfied with where we are. We’re going to keep on pushing.

“But, even our harshest critics can’t deny the progress that we’ve made as a party over the last two years with a new leader and a new team. We are getting there.

“I mean, I don’t think any serious political commentator, especially one such as yourself, would be asking me why didn’t the Labour Party win North Shropshire.

“That’s not really a credible question,” she remarked.

However, Mason swiftly hit back: “Why wouldn’t that be a credible question if you’re an aspiring party of government, which you are?

“I grant you that this is a seat that’s been held by the Conservatives for 200 years, but the Liberal Democrats managed to break that precedent.

“So, why shouldn’t you? Are there parts of the country you’re just accepting are no go areas for Labour?

“Because that’s the implication of what you’re saying,” he said.

Chapman responded, conceding that Mason’s challenge of her comments were “fair”.

She said: “No, not at all. Actually, that’s a fair challenge back and I think being more ambitious is something the Labour Party needs to do.

“There aren’t any no go areas,” Chapman clarified.

She continued: “The truth is about this, North Shropshire was a seat that the Labour Party was never in serious contention for.

“Neither should anybody have been other than the Tory Party with the size of that majority and the length of time they held it. But, look at what happened.

“Now, that was an extraordinary thing that we saw on Thursday where Boris Johnson’s leadership faced real world contact with the electorate and they said what they thought of it.

“You know, that’s a big deal,” Chapman added.

However, some BBC viewers seemed to side with Chapman and hit out at Mason’s line of questioning in the interview.

Some took to Twitter to blast the presenter and share their thoughts on the interview.

@Rardeenus wrote: “Labour’s polling is not the story. Typical Chris Mason line of questioning, protect #BorisJohnson at all costs. The story is Frost and why he’s resigned. #BBCBreakfast.”

“@chrismason main story today is resignation of #Frost but you try to criticise #labour your bias is blatant – you should be forensically dissecting why he has left the sinking ship #bbcbias #BrexitReality #brexitchaos #BBCBreakfast,” @Lou13753378 said.

BBC Breakfast airs weekdays at 6am on BBC One.

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