Work In Progress Star & Co-Creator Abby McEnany Says My Brain And My Heart Were In Good Hands For Showtime Comedys Season 2 –TCA

Work In Progress Star & Co-Creator Abby McEnany Says My Brain And My Heart Were In Good Hands For Showtime Comedys Season 2 –TCA

Showtime’s Work In Progress, like its main character, has experienced its own growth since Season 1. During Showtime’s TCA panel on Wednesday, Work In Progress star and co-creator Abby Mcenany chatted about the differences between the comedy’s first season and its newly-launched second.

“I had a trailer, you guys. It was a big deal,” McEnany joked.

Season 2 of Work In Progress, which debuted on August 22, picks up from its previous chapter with Abby (McEnany) coping with her break from Chris (Theo Germaine) and adjusting to life with best friend-turned-roommate Campbell.  Upon returning for Season 2, McEnany said she felt more confident going into creative process and production.

“Last year was my first real professional job in the front of the camera and everything was brand new,” she reflected. “Coming into this season…I definitely understand more. To be able to bring in other folks to share the writing – the people we brought in are so wonderful, smart, empathetic and I trust them. I really felt my brain and my heart were in good hands.”

As McEnany previously teased at ATX Television Festival, Work In Progress Season 2 delves deeper into the relationships and backgrounds of everyone in Abby’s closest circle. Going through the past and its connection to the present was a direction showrunner Lilly Wachowski said she was excited to head into.

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With discussions about therapy, internal issues and conversations about who “who we are, where we come from,” Wachowski said Work In Progress Season 2 is “about history and our archive, and a dialogue that is going on between our history and our present.”

“That is something super valuable for all of us,” she added.

During the panel, the Work In Progress creative team also spoke about how the comedy handles the ongoing Covid-19 pandemic, the murder of George Floyd and the Black Lives Matter movement.

“It was just something that felt like a nice thing to be able to exercise – to write about this collective trauma, but do it in a way that we had a little more perspective on it,” she said. “Here we are still over a year later, and the body count is still rising, it’s hideous. It’s not something we wanted to enter into lightly.”

As for the social movements, Wachowski said she and the rest of the Work In Progress team “understood that it would have been a grievous mis-service to the human toll that was happening in that movement, to not talk about it.”

Work In Progress is executive produced by McEnany and Wachowski. Lawrence Mattis and Josh Adler of Circle of Confusion also serve as executive producers with Tony Hernandez of JAX Media and Julia Sweeney.

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