Youre lying! Nick Knowles has family stunned on House Clearout after unveiling clutter

Youre lying! Nick Knowles has family stunned on House Clearout after unveiling clutter

Nick Knowles' Big House Clearout: Family shocked by clutter

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The Oram family needed Nick’s help in Channel 5’s Nick Knowles’ Big House Clearout after they realised their home had been taken over by clutter. Mum Julie was obsessed with clinging to her three daughters’ childhood possessions and nostalgic items, but she wasn’t the only one with a clutter issue. Trevor’s hoard of clothing meant Julie had to keep her clothes out of their room. Nick was on hand to encourage them to empty out their home, but before throwing things out, he showed them the extent of their clutter by placing every item in a large room, which came as a shock to the family as Trevor commented: “You’re lying!”

The items laid in front of them left no space, with 100 pairs of shoes, 124 never-before-listened-to records and more.

“Oh wow,” Trevor commented as the family walked into the room to view their possessions.

He continued: “No way, oh no way. How much stuff have we got?”

Julie added: “Look at the CDs,” as Nick explained that there were 317 DVDs, 232 CDs, 36 VHS tapes and 146 pieces of plastic cutlery.

“You’re lying!” Trevor remarked as Nick’s list continued.

One Tardis-like area had been the cupboard under the stairs, in which Julie kept many sentimental belongings.

Nick added: “I think it is actually against the laws of physics that you can get this much stuff into that space.”

“Julie was holding onto more stuff in this small space than the family had in the entire lounge,” the 58-year-old TV presenter continued.

Jade, 18, described the extent of Julie’s resistance to throwing old things away.

She explained: “I was cleaning my room and putting things in the bin, and she decided to keep a piece of paper that I wrote my name on in primary school.”

Nick replied: “But that’s how much she loves you.”

“Yeah,” Jade agreed, before adding: “But I don’t see why we need that.

“There are so many things here that she can’t bear to part with because it reminds her of our childhood which is really sweet, but our house is only so big and it won’t fit everything in.”

The three daughters all agreed that they would be willing to spend more time in the house if there were more space.

But Trevor was also hiding some secrets, as Nick pointed out that the entirety of the clothing in their room belonged to the father of the family.

Later, the couple were forced to throw out as much as they could, with Julie insisting on keeping some old paintings created by her children when they were younger.

When the family eventually saw their home decluttered, they were amazed.

Julie appeared emotional as she stepped into a space used to store some of her cherished items.

“Fantastic, that’s fantastic,” she told Nick, as he admitted: “That’s got me emotional watching that, I’m welling up now thinking about it.”

“It’s beautiful,” Julie stated. “It is really and truly lovely – I didn’t expect this. I didn’t expect what I’m looking at now, I am very, very happy.”

Upon seeing the spacious bedroom, Trevor confessed: “It’s brilliant.”

Nick joked: “Well, this is how bedrooms are supposed to look.”

Nick Knowles’ Big House Clearout airs on Thursdays at 8pm on Channel 5.

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