Gareth Gates uploads emotional video implying he’s ‘heartbroken’ following Faye Brookes ‘split’

Gareth Gates has implied that he is "heartbroken" following his alleged split from Coronation Street actress Faye Brookes.

The 35 year old took to Instagram on Sunday, seemingly addressing the supposed split for the first time, uploading an emotional video of himself singing about a lost love.

Pop Idol finalist Gareth posted a rendition of Michael Bolton's How Am I Supposed To Live Without You to his 53,500 followers, asking "How am I supposed to live without you? And how am I supposed to carry on? When all that I've been living for is gone."

He simply captioned the video with a broken heart emoji, hinting that his choice of cover was inspired by his heavily rumoured break up from Faye, 31.

But fans of Faye were quick to comment on the emotional upload, telling Gareth to let her "be free."

One wrote: "She ain’t coming back. Leave it alone," as another commented: "Little too late. Let Faye be free to enjoy her life, she deserves happiness."

A third told the crooner: "Talk about a sympathy song you messed up get over it. Probly lost the best thing you could ever wish for but putting s**t like this online won’t help you out at all it shows how much you long to seek people’s approval and make you look the poor me kid [sic].

"Your a grown a*s man with a kid maybe you should try acting like that as this is very childish in every way. An before those who judge am not saying your not talented at all in no way shape or form but I think the way you are going about this is extremely childish in a way you need everyone’s attention to please you it is doing nothing for your career man [sic]"

Of course, the Spirit In The Sky hitmaker was also met with praise over his performance, with one writing: "Awwww absolutely beautiful as always you’ll find happiness one day with someone you deserve and who deserves you. May not feel like it right now but things just weren’t meant to be [sic]"

A second added: "Wow it makes me really mad to see what people are writing here. I guess none of you have been with Gareth and his ex to be able to say something you think you're right about!

"None of you are allowed to judge him anyways and he can post whatever the hell he wants to bc it is his account,and if you don't like it, unfollow him/ignore it!! [sic]

"Some of you really don't have anything else to do than to judge someone you don't know anything about!you should all take a look at your own life. Live and let live! [sic]"

Gareth's emotional upload comes just days after Faye took to her own social media to address the alleged split for the first time — despite neither parties yet confirming they have split.

She wrote to her 81,000 Twitter followers: "It's been a really weird week… I've been throwing myself into the gym pretty much everyday, anyone who knows me, knows how much I love training and keeping fit!

"It's great for your physical and mental health. I'm a member of several gyms in Manchester including the fab Barry's Bootcamp.

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"So (yesterday) there was a pap outside the gym when I got there, taking pictures of me & getting very excited with his camera because I walked in with one of the trainers from the gym – who is a friend – I imagine that suggestions could be made from these pics that there is more to this."

She pleaded with her fans: "There isn't. Just let a girl be please."

Reports of Faye and Gareth's split starting circulating earlier this month, with a source telling Manchester Evening News: "Faye and Gareth are both extremely sad about their relationship ending.

"They still care very much about each other and want to remain friends, but the wedding has been called off. Her family and close friends have been supporting her through the split.

"Although it's a painful time she's trying to keep busy with various projects and auditions. They tried to make it work but sadly it's not meant to be."

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Order Off A Menu From 1860 And We'll Tell You What Job You'd Have Had Back Then

Hello, time travelers! Today we are jumping into the Delorean and going all the way back in time to…January 18, 1860!

What’re we doing there? Having lunch, of course! And we’ll be eating at Baltimore’s long-gone but legendary Barnum’s City Hotel (which Charles Dickens said was by far the most comfortable hotel he visited in America). Ready? Here we go!

  1. Pick a boiled item:

    Leg Mutton (mature sheep) and CapersSugar Cured HamCorned Beef with CabbageChicken, Oyster Sauce

  2. Pick a side dish:

    Chicken Salade, a La Jelly (chicken salad)Cotelette de Veau (veal ribs in cream)Tame Ducks, Braise aux Choix (Duck with your choice of braising)Poitrine d’Agneau, au Vin Rouge (lamb stew in red wine)Salmi de Grouse, as Vin Rouge (bird caserrole in red wine)Pigs’ Feet, Sauce RobertLaugne de Veau (Lamb and vegetables Italian stew)Haddock Bouiille, aux Pommes de Terre (fish and potatoes)Poulets Poelez, a la Creole (chicken over rice)Fricadeals of Pork, aux Ognons (fried pork and onions)Calves Head, au Cornichon (Calves head and pickle)Haricot De Mouton (lamb stew with turnips and onions)

  3. Pick a roast:


  4. Pick a vegetable:

    Irish PotatoesRiceHominy (dried corn kernels)Parsnips (root vegetable)BeetsTurnipsCabbageCeleryBeans

  5. Pick a pastry:

    Apple PuddingApple PieCranberry PieMince Pie

  6. And lastly, pick a dessert:

    AlmondsCheeseNutsRaisinsCharlotte de Pommes (sort of baked apple bread pudding)Queen CakeTapioca PuddingOrangesLady Cake (a white cake with dried fruits and nuts)Wafer Jumbles (cookies, basically)ApplesMadeira Jelly

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The 'Outrageous' Beatles Song Paul McCartney Wrote in John Lennon's Style

While John Lennon and Paul McCartney went in different directions as songwriters in the mid-’60s, they always had one another’s music in mind. As Paul noted, for every one of John’s “Strawberry Fields Forever,” Paul would make sure to write a “Penny Lane.”

By the time the Fab Four began recording The White Album (1968), they had really gone their separate ways. John doesn’t play on several George Harrison songs; John (“Julia”) and Paul (“Blackbird”) both have their own solo acoustic ballads; and no one but Paul plays on “Wild Honey Pie.”

But that doesn’t mean John and Paul were composing without being influenced by the other. You definitely notice that in Paul’s raucous “Why Don’t We Do It in the Road?” Looking back at his favorite Beatles work later, John ranked that song high on his list.

It was no coincidence. Paul said he wrote the track in John’s style, rather than something you would expect from him.

Paul said he wrote ‘Why Don’t We Do It in the Road?’ as ‘a ricochet off John.’

While in India with his bandmates in early ’68, Paul said he saw monkeys copulating in the middle of a street and came up with the idea for his frank song. Obviously, the lyrics refer to sex, and the heaviness of the music made it one of the unexpected highlights of The White Album.

“It was a primitive statement to do with sex, or with freedom, really,” Paul said in Many Years From Now. “It’s just so outrageous that I like it.” Soon after The Beatles had broken up, John also recognized as one of Paul’s best.

Speaking in 1981, Paul said it was no accident John ranked it so highly. “It was a very John sort of song,” Paul said. “That’s why he liked it, I suppose. It was very John, the idea of it, not me. I wrote it as a ricochet off John.”

Indeed, you would be forgiven if you mistakenly thought it was a Lennon tune with a McCartney vocal the first time you listened to The White Album. But then again, Paul also had “Helter Skelter” on the record, so he wasn’t confining himself to any boundaries by 1968.

John admired the song and felt hurt Paul didn’t ask him to play on it.

Speaking with Playboy’s David Sheff in 1980, John noted how Paul had finished the track before anyone had a chance to play on it — and that he was hurt by that. “That’s how it was getting in those days,” John said of the tense White Album sessions.

“I can’t speak for George, but I was always hurt when Paul would knock something off without involving us,” John continued. “But that’s just the way it was then.”

For his part, Paul disputed the idea that excluded his old bandmate, saying John and George were busy doing something else the day he spontaneously recorded “Why Don’t We Do It in the Road?”

At this point, it’s all bookkeeping. Paul wrote the track in John’s style and totally pulled it off. It’s just another example of the two brilliant songwriters and musicians making each other better.

Also see:Why 2 Brilliant Lennon-McCartney Songs Never Made It Onto ‘Sgt. Pepper’

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13 Disney Plot Holes, Explained

1.“Why didn’t Ariel just WRITE an explanation to Prince Eric when she couldn’t speak?”

We don’t know exactly where or when Cinderella takes place, but assuming it’s in a European village in the early 18th century, chances are there weren’t that many people under the prince’s rule. Then, when you narrow it down to unmarried women of Cinderella’s specific age, that leaves you with a smaller pool of potential shoe-wearers.

But also, consider this: The slipper is made out of glass. Glass is very hard! Imagine wearing a high heel that has zero flexibility…it’d have to fit absolutely PERFECTLY. The better question is why it fell off when it was magically made to fit?

13.“Why does Elsa magically create a dazzling gown? She’s already royalty. Really, after all that stress, she realistically would’ve taken off her bra and created herself some nice pajamas, or at least sweatpants and a hoodie.”

I have no rebuttal to this. It’s an airtight argument.

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'Noelle' On Disney+: Why Anna Kendrick Always Wanted to Make A Christmas Movie

It’s many actors’ dream to be in a particular kind of movie: A historical drama, perhaps, or maybe even a blockbuster superhero flick. But star Anna Kendrick has a different goal in mind. Let’s take a look at Noelle, an upcoming film starring Kendrick that was presented at D23 Expo in Aug. 2019.

Here’s what ‘Noelle’ is about

As you can see from the trailer Noelle is about a woman of the same name, played by Kendrick. She is the daughter of Santa Claus and, following her father’s passing, her brother is expected to take up the mantle. However, he disappears, and it’s on Noelle to save the day.

The movie looks to be your standard holiday fare, much like other modern Christmas tales like Elf. In fact, the scene in which Noelle tries to learn the lingo of ordinary people (“yoga pants” vs. “yogurt pants”) sounds exactly like numerous scenes in the 16-year-old Will Ferrell comedy. 

This release has been a long time coming

If this all sounds a little bit familiar, it’s because we’ve known about Noelle for quite some time. The movie was filmed all the way back in late 2017, with the first casting announcement coming in Jan. of that year. Filming took place in Canada and wrapped up in early 2018.

Initially, rumors circulated that the first was due out in time for a 2018 holiday season theatrical release. This was then pushed back to this year. However, Disney decided to instead keep the film for the launch of the Disney+ streaming service. 

Anna Kendrick spoke about ‘Noelle’ at D23

Kendrick looked the part when she came out on stage during the Disney+ presentation at D23 on Friday, Aug. 23, 2019. She was wearing a red dress, perfect for the Christmas theme, along with heels to match. 

“I’ve always, always wanted to be in a Christmas movie,” said Kendrick. “My family and I have movies that we watch every year,” she continued, name-dropping another Disney flick, The Muppet Christmas Carol. “We know all the words.”

Has Kendrick been in a Christmas movie before?

That’s a very sweet sentiment from Kendrick, and we can see where she’s coming from. However, she actually misspoke in a way. Kendrick has appeared in a Christmas movie before, but not one with the same kind of “classic holiday” message.

Chances are, you’re not familiar with this one: Happy Christmas, a dramedy that came out in 2014. Anna Kendrick starred in the film, which was written, directed, produced, and also starring Joe Swanberg, who is known for his mumblecore style. So technically, this is Kendrick’s second holiday flick, though it’s definitely not one for the usual Disney audience. 

Who else stars in ‘Noelle’?

As you can see from the trailer, Noelle is, like most other Disney productions, particularly star-studded. Bill Hader portrays Nick Claus, Noelle’s scared and wayward brother who runs away instead of taking on his duties as Santa. Though Hader wasn’t there, Kendrick was joined at D23 by Billy Eichner, who plays Gabriel Kringle, Noelle’s cousin who is next in line to become Santa.

The supporting cast is also full of noteworthy names. Shirly MacLaine is Elf Polly, Noelle’s former nanny who accompanies her on her journey to find Nick. Ron Funches, Julie Hagerty, and Kingsley Ben-Adir are also in the film. 

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The Righteous Gemstones cast: Who is in the cast of The Righteous Gemstones?

HBO is releasing episodes of new comedy The Righteous Gemstones on Sundays, with episode two airing tonight (Sunday, August 25). John Goodman leads the cast of the series as televangelist Eli Gemstone. Danny McBride, Adam Devine and Edi Patterson also star in the show.

Who is in the cast of The Righteous Gemstones?

Dr Eli Gemstone – John Goodman

HBO describes Dr Eli Gemstone as: “The larger-than-life patriarch of the Gemstones [who,] when he’s not tending to his gold mine of a flock [is] mediating petty disputes among his three children.”

The character is played by John Goodman, the Emmy and Golden Globe-winning star of Roseanne, The Big Lebowski and 10 Cloverfield Lane.

Jesse Gemstone – Danny McBride

Eli’s eldest son is Jesse, a party boy embroiled in a blackmail plot that sees him trying to protect his family-man image.

Danny McBride, who also created The Righteous Gemstones, stars as Jesse following roles in Vice Principals, Eastbound & Down and Alien Covenant.

Kelvin Gemstone – Adam Devine

The youngest of the Gemstone siblings is Kelvin, whose innocent image hides a fiery streak.

Adam Devine of the Pitch Perfect trilogy, Workaholics and Mike and Dave Need Wedding Dates, portrays Kelvin.

Judy Gemstone – Edi Patterson

Eli’s only daughter Judy is forced into a secretary role by the family, but HBO promises: “She has a few tricks up her sleeve in addition to the chip on her shoulder.

Edi Patterson, who plays Judy, has also starred in Vice Principals, The Last OG and Black-Ish

BJ – Tim Baltz

BJ is Judy’s fiance, with whom she is ‘living in sin’ in what she thinks is secret.

The character is portrayed by Tim Baltz of Bajillion Dollar Properties, The Opposition with Jordan Klepper and Drunk History.

Amber Gemstone – Cassidy Freeman

Amber Gemstone is the wife of Jesse, a former journalist and convert to the church.

Cassidy Freeman appears as Amber after starring in Longmire, Smallville and NCIS: New Orleans.

Keefe Chambers – Tony Cavalero

Keefe Chambers is a former Satanist who has now been ‘saved’ by Kelvin.

Tony Cavalero stars as Keefe following roles in the TV version of School of Rock, Hart of Dixie and recent Netflix film The Dirt, where he played Ozzy Osbourne.

Baby Billy Freeman – Walton Goggins

Baby Billy Freeman is an aged former child star known for his Christian clog dancing routine.

He is brought to life by Walton Goggins, the Emmy-nominated star of The Shield, Justified and The Hateful Eight.

The Righteous Gemstones airs Sundays on HBO.

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15 Cringingly Funny Photos That Almost Definitely Weren't Accidental

OK, these folks may think they’re slick, but we’re no fools.

We KNOW every one of them knew EXACTLY what they were doing when they:

1.Designed this pool:

2.Failed to mention who Kevin was up front:

3.Set this TV schedule:

4.Rented this specific billboard:

5.And this one:

6.Designed this logo of junior jazz dancers:

If you don’t see it, keep looking.

7.Sent this tweet:

8.Made this crew 4/5ths of the starting line-up:

9.Decided to use this quote for this ad:

10.Made this news station’s weather graphic:

“69. Nice.”

11.Put this question at number 69:

12.Chose these wood finishings for these specific doors:

13.Designed this “cough” emoji:

14.Arranged these magazines:

15.And assigned this serial number:

H/T: r/theynew

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7 Judy Garland Roles That Led Her Down the Yellow Brick Road to Stardom

7 Judy Garland Roles That Led Her Down the Yellow Brick Road to Stardom

With the approaching release of Judy Garland’s biopic Judy, starring Renée Zellweger, we’re revisiting some of the late singer’s most beloved roles. You probably know her as Dorothy Gale, who finds herself far away from her Kansas home in the 1939 classic The Wizard of Oz. But Garland was featured in a number of other iconic films — some of which you might have already heard of without knowing she starred in them! Ahead, read about a few of Garland’s standout roles from her career.

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44 Bumpin' Songs Barack and Michelle Obama Listened to This Summer

44 Bumpin’ Songs Barack and Michelle Obama Listened to This Summer

Barack Obama has released his annual Summer playlist, and it’s chock-full of contemporary hits, as well as timeless classics. While the 44th U.S. President gave a shout-out to Beyoncé’s “MOOD 4 EVA” and Lil Nas X’s “Old Town Road” remix with Billy Ray Cyrus, he also called out Ella Fitzgerald’s “How High the Moon” and The Rolling Stones’ “Happy.” Other popular artists, such as Frank Sinatra, Stevie Wonder, Shawn Mendes, and Lizzo, also made the cut. “With summer winding down, here’s a sampling of what Michelle and I have been listening to — some new, some old, some fast, some slow. Hope you enjoy,” he captioned the collection of songs on Instagram. Look ahead to see if your favorite tunes are on the former POTUS’s Summer list!

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Dad diagnosed with inoperable cancer makes heartbreaking promises to baby son

A dad diagnosed with a rare, inoperable form of cancer has made a heartbreaking list of promises to his baby son.

Paul Hill, 36, was hit with his devastating diagnosis of advanced diffused gastric cancer after becoming unable to swallow his food properly.

Paul, of Willerby near Hull, East Yorkshire, has showed his determination to beat the disease by coming up with a list of promises to his 17-month-old son, George.

These promises include being there to watch George start and leave school, taking him to the  pub  for the first time, helping him move into his own home, and for Paul to see himself become a granddad, Hull Live reports .

Paul was unable to swallow his food properly 12 weeks ago and was prescribed medication for acid reflux.

His condition worsened, and he was unable to eat a bowl of porridge in less than an hour because he was in agonising pain with each swallow.

His young family could not wait any longer to find out what was wrong so eight weeks ago Paul and his wife, Jessica, made the decision to pay for private tests.

It was then they were given the devastating diagnosis of advanced diffused gastric cancer.

“Doctors have said he has had this cancer inside him for the past five years or so,” said Jessica.

“It was only a few months ago he started being unable to swallow his food, and it became painful for him to eat and he was throwing up after his meals.

“We couldn’t keep waiting for the tests to be carried out on the NHS so we paid to go private, and that’s when they told us the cancer in the lining of his stomach had spread to his gastroesophageal junction and into his pancreas.

“If the cancer had been caught earlier they could have removed Paul’s stomach but because he had no symptoms and was too young to be getting tested for stomach cancer, it went undiagnosed and it has spread.”

Paul has been offered a place on a five-year clinical trial in the UK, where patients suffering the same disease are given immunotherapy.

But only 50 per cent of the patients will actually receive any immunotherapy treatment.

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