Jon Hamm Dating Former Costar Ben Affleck’s Ex?

New couple alert?

Jon Hamm and Lindsay Shookus are the latest rumored hot ticket item thanks to a report in People.

The Mad Men star and the Saturday Night Live producer were spotted on what appeared to be a date at the Broadway premiere of Derren Brown: Secret on Sunday.

While the two weren’t seen engaging in any PDA, they were apparently keeping close the entire time.

When he arrived, Jon paused and posed for photos on the red carpet on his lonesome:

Afterward though, reports the outlet, the 48-year-old actor joined his fellow Emmy winner for the remainder of the evening.

A source spilled to the magazine:

“They sat together on the aisle and looked like they were having a great time. Both raved about the show at intermission, too.”

No overt couple moves, like hand holding or kissing, but the insider did offer:

“It very much felt like they were on a date. When they were talking to one another, they locked eyes and were smiling the whole time.”

Hmm. Not much to go on. Could they really be a thing?

It would be an inneresting move for Hamm, who previously had a working relationship with Lindsay’s ex Ben Affleck, having costarred with and been directed by the actor in the 2010 crime thriller The Town.

Video: Ben Affleck And Kevin Smith Are Friends Again!

Shookus and Affleck famously had an off-and-on relationship for a few months following his split from Jennifer Garner.

They began dating in late 2017 then broke up, after which Ben briefly dated a young Playboy model then went to rehab.

In February the two apparently reunited — only to break up again in April. A source told People at the time it was mostly the distance that kept them from making it work:

“She has a kid and an ex-husband and a job in New York and Ben has his family and a job in L.A. and while they love and respect each other they just realized it wasn’t going to work. They really gave it another solid try.”

Jon was previously in a relationship with actress and filmmaker Jennifer Westfeldt for an astounding 18 years, starting way back in 1997. Their breakup in September 2015 followed shortly after Hamm’s stint in rehab for alcohol abuse.

Since their breakup his love life has been hard to pin down. There were at first reports he and Jennifer got back together but when those proved to be erroneous, they were replaced with rumors he was dating everyone from Mad Men costar January Jones to pal Sarah Silverman.

It’s quite possible none of these have been accurate.

In the case of Jon and Lindsay, her people are denying it. A source close to the 39-year-old explained they two “have been friends for over a decade.”

So maybe this was just a casual theater hangout?

That would explain Hamm’s outfit at least…

What do YOU think, Perezcious relationship experts??

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Amazon to Film 'Lord of the Rings' TV Series in New Zealand

Production on the series will begin in Auckland “in the coming months”

The “Lord of the Rings” trilogy hit that increasingly rare sweet spot between the critics and the box office, combining to win 30 Oscars and gross $2.9 billion worldwide. It remains a landmark series that revitalized fantasy in pop culture and introducing J.R.R. Tolkien to a new generation. In celebration of its 15th anniversary, TheWrap has teamed up with IMDb to give you 15 facts about “The Fellowship of the Ring.”


New Line

  • Peter Jackson almost didn’t get the chance to turn “Lord of the Rings” into a movie series. Back in the 60s, the Beatles wanted to adapt “LOTR” themselves, with Paul McCartney as Frodo, Ringo Starr as Sam, George Harrison as Gandalf, John Lennon as Gollum, and Stanley Kubrick as director. Thankfully, Kubrick declined the project, instead going on to make “2001: A Space Odyssey.” Then Tolkien, who still had the film rights to his books, shut down the project for good.


  • When pitching the film to various studios, Peter Jackson and Fran Walsh presented a screenplay for two movies, believing that no studio would ever greenlight a trilogy. At first, only Miramax showed interest, but with the caveat that the screenplay be further cut to fit the entire “LOTR” story into one movie. As a last ditch attempt, Jackson pitched the film to New Line, who asked for the screenplay to be turned into a trilogy.


  • Christopher Lee is the only member of the cast or crew to have met Tolkien. In fact, Lee mentioned in the extended cut commentary for “Fellowship” that Tolkien had given him his blessing to play Gandalf in any potential film adaptation of “LOTR.” But when Lee auditioned for Gandalf, he was asked to play Saruman instead, as it was believed he was too old to play Gandalf. Lee accepted the role, but agreed that Ian McKellen was right for Gandalf.

    New Line

  • According to the Extended Edition DVD documentaries, Viggo Mortensen initially didn’t have much interest in playing Aragorn, but took the role after his Tolkien-loving son, Henry, pleaded for him to accept the role. After learning more about Aragorn, Mortensen viewed the character’s sword as the key element to his character and carried it with him at all times during filming, even when he was not on set.

    New Line

  • For his fight scenes, Mortensen was trained by Bob Andersen, one of the most legendary sword fight choreographers in film history. A former Olympic fencer, Andersen trained actors like Cary Elwes in “The Princess Bride,” Sean Connery in “Highlander” and Errol Flynn in “The Master of Ballantrae.” But his greatest claim to fame is his work in “Star Wars,” where he wore the Darth Vader suit for the lightsaber duels against Luke Skywalker in “Empire Strikes Back” and “Return of the Jedi.”


  • Being a dwarf, Gimli is the shortest of the warriors in the Fellowship. But his actor, John Rhys-Davies, is over six feet tall. For some wider shots, a body double was used to make sure Gimli didn’t look taller than Legolas or Aragorn.


  • Rhys-Davies also had to sit through three hours of makeup to get the big nose and beard so common amongst dwarves. Unfortunately, as Jackson revealed in the Special Edition, the makeup severely impaired his vision and triggered an allergic reaction to his skin that caused it to get inflammed. Despite this, Rhys-Davies swung Gimli’s axe in every fight scene, though he had to skip every other day of shooting to allow his skin to recover from the makeup.

    New Line

  • Every role required extensive time in the makeup department, but for the hobbits it was especially tough. According to the Extended Edition, Elijah Wood and his fellow halflings had to get up at 5 a.m. to get fitted for the trademark hairy hobbits’ feet. They were not allowed to sit while the feet were applied because their ankles would bend and cause the prosthetics to warp, so the actors had to stand for over an hour while the feet were applied.

    New Line

  • If you look closely, you might notice that Legolas’ eyes change color from scene to scene. In the Extended Edition commentary, Jackson explained the blue contact lenses Orlando Bloom wore would have damaged his eyes if he wore them every day of shooting, and that some days they forgot to even put them in at all. The visual effects team was able to digitally change Bloom’s brown eyes for some scenes.

    New Line

  • During Bilbo’s birthday party, you can see Jackson’s children, Billy and Katie, among the kids listening to Bilbo tell tales of his adventures with Gandalf. Billy is the only actor in the film who did not wear a wig, as his dad noted that his naturally curly hair was perfect for a hobbit.

    New Line

  • You can spot Peter Jackson playing an extra in each of the three “LOTR” and “Hobbit” films. In “Fellowship,” look for the scene where the hobbits arrive at the Prancing Pony in Bree. Jackson can be spotted munching on a carrot outside the inn.

    New Line

  • Sean Bean, who played Boromir, said in a making-of interview that he was scared of heights and hated helicopter flights. Jackson noted that during a later scene, Bean refused to fly to a remote set and instead hiked and climbed for two hours in full costume to get to the location.

    New Line

  • Ironically, the scene where the Fellowship struggles through the blizzard on Caradhras was filmed on a soundstage under extremely hot spotlights. The snow was actually a rice-based compound that severely irritated the skin and eyes of the actors. On the flip side, many scenes filmed on-location were done during the winter, even though it was meant to be spring in Middle-Earth.

    New Line

  • While filming the scene where Sam tries to stop Frodo from going to Mordor alone, Sean Astin stepped on a piece of broken glass while running into the water. Jackson said on the Extended Edition that the wound was bleeding so severely that he had to be airlifted back to a hospital.

    New Line

  • The scenes for the Shire were filmed near the small farming town of Matamata in northern New Zealand. A portion of the set was left behind after filming for “LOTR” fans to take tours of, and was rebuilt in greater detail when Jackson returned to direct the “Hobbit” films. Visitors can now even have an ale at a fully-functioning Green Dragon inn.

    Check out IMDb for more trivia and movie history.

    New Line

  • Peter Jackson’s film trilogy introduced J.R.R. Tolkien’s classic fantasy novel to a whole new generation of fans

    The “Lord of the Rings” trilogy hit that increasingly rare sweet spot between the critics and the box office, combining to win 30 Oscars and gross $2.9 billion worldwide. It remains a landmark series that revitalized fantasy in pop culture and introducing J.R.R. Tolkien to a new generation. In celebration of its 15th anniversary, TheWrap has teamed up with IMDb to give you 15 facts about “The Fellowship of the Ring.”


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    Your Guide To Meditating With Crystals For The First Time

    Beautiful, naturally sparkly, and full of positive, healing energy: What’s not to love about crystals? Crystal healing and meditation with crystals has been practiced by cultures around the world for thousands of years, and it’s believed by many that crystals can store energy and offer various healing benefits. Many practitioners "program" crystals with their own intentions, or simply attune their minds and bodies to the unique energy of each individual stone in order to vibe with their individual frequencies. In any case, I think we can all agree that, at the very least, we love crystals for being magical and oh-so-pretty looking. If you’re ready to branch out and use your sparkling stones for something other than witchy apartment decor, there are so many different ways to use crystals for their purported health, wellness, spiritual, and beauty benefits — everything from using them in crystal rituals to creating crystal facial grids. But learning how to meditate with crystals is one of the simplest and most effective ways to really harness a stone’s energy and reap the benefits your crystals have to offer.

    I’ve been working with crystals for years (in meditations and otherwise!) so I have a few tips to share when it comes to using crystals in your spiritual journey. I also tapped some experts to have them share their insights with you, so here’s a simple guide on how to meditate with crystals to get the most out of it that literally anyone can use to get started.

    Why Meditate With Crystals?

    As I mentioned earlier, crystals have been used since ancient times as healing tools for all sorts of health, spiritual, and emotional issues. When we meditate, we’re often trying to go inward — to quiet our thoughts so that we can hear the voice of our higher selves. Many people believe that crystals can be used as a tool to help us clear that space and amplify our truthful inner voice, making meditation even more effective.

    "The crystals are all trying to get us to listen better to ourselves," explains astrologer Nura Rachelle of metaphysical crystal shop Thee Ancients, who spoke with Bustle about the power of crystal healing through meditation. "We so often think that it is the crystals themselves that are imparting a type of wisdom, insight or answer. But instead, the crystals are giving us permission to access our own akashic records, to access our own higher self information."

    So while opening yourself up to the "frequency" of an individual crystal’s energy is fabulous, if you’re using crystals for meditation, it’s also helpful to keep in mind that the crystal is a tool to open your mind, heart, and spirit to yourself and the innate knowledge within you that’s often inaccessible and shrouded by the chatter of day-to-day distractions.

    Choosing Crystals To Work With

    Perhaps you already have a collection of crystals at home, in which case, great! But how do you know which crystals to work with when embarking on a crystal meditation? Firstly, think about your goals for the meditation and do some research.

    "When it comes to crystal meditation, I think the most important thing to do is determine what sort of benefits you’re looking for and the outcome you’re seeking," explains witch and crystal expert Renee Watt, who spoke to Bustle about choosing the right crystals to meditate with. "By understanding your meditation agenda and doing some light research, you can really maximize the results of your session!"

    Different crystals have very different energies — and while some stones, like clear quartz, are pretty one-size-fits-all when it comes to uses, other stones are much more suited to certain areas of healing. "[I]f I feel like my energy levels are low, I’ll meditate with pyrite or citrine on my solar plexus chakra to help boost my stamina," explains Watt of her personal practice. "On the flip side of that, if I’m trying to relax or find my grace, something much calmer like flourite or kunzite can help my energy shift more towards the mellow side of things."

    Depending on what sort of energetic vibe you’re looking for, choosing crystals by color can be helpful, as different colors often associate with different chakras, giving you as easy map to find stones that can help support your meditation goals.

    You can also choose crystals intuitively — meaning you skip the research altogether and simply go with whatever crystals feel right. The more you practice opening yourself up to your own intuition and paying attention to the way your physical or emotional state changes in response to a crystal’s energy, the better you’ll get at intuitively choosing crystals that are right for you at any given time.

    No matter how you choose your them, always be sure to cleanse your crystals before working with them and take the time to get to know their energy in whatever ways feel right to you. "The more we can be in the right relationship with the crystals we choose (or that choose us), the more we come even closer to right relationship with our higher selves — and closer to our own knowingness," explains Rachelle to Bustle.

    Different Ways To Meditate With Crystals

    Just as there are infinite ways to meditate, there are, as well, infinite ways to incorporate crystals into your meditation practice. However you choose to use crystals in meditation, it’s helpful to pay attention to the shift in energy and power that the crystal may be offering you — that can help you figure out if working with crystals jives with your style or not! Some people seem to be more sensitive to crystal energy and others, so experimenting is helpful.

    Visualizations are also helpful when it comes to crystal healing. I often visualizing bright, warm, cleansing rays in the color of the crystal coming out of the stone, surrounding me with protection and enhancing my awareness. Doing so also helps you attune with your particular crystals so you can use them in ritual work in the future.

    Here are a few simple ways to meditate with crystals that you can easily adapt to your personal meditation style.

    1. Hold them in your hands. Meditating with crystals can be as simple as holding them in your hand and clearing your mind. Bustle spoke with Heather Askinosie, co-founder of Energy Muse and author of the upcoming book, CRYSTAL365, who weighed in with some tips. "The best way to meditate with crystals is by holding them," Askinosie shares. "This allows you to develop a tangible connection to the crystals as you meditate." By holding a crystal in your hand as you go about your meditation, you’ll naturally swap energies and vibrations with the stone and feel its effects.

    2. Place crystals on your chakras. Chakras are a series of energy points on the body that represent different parts of the physical and spiritual self (you can read more about them and where they’re located here!). If your goal for a crystal meditation is intentional and healing in nature, then choosing to focus on the chakra that aligns with your meditation purpose by using a relevant crystal is ideal.

    For example, if you are looking to tap into your intuition, you could try a third eye chakra-opening meditation using a labradorite crystal, which helps with psychic and spiritual connection. Simply lay down comfortably and place the labradorite over your third eye chakra (which is physically located on your forehead, between your brows), Then simply focus on your intention, paying attention to your breath and acknowledging thoughts and feelings as they come to you. Another example is doing a heart chakra-opening meditation to help with self-love or forgiveness. You might choose to place a rose quartz crystal over your heart chakra, in the center of your chest, and again focus on your intention, letting the crystal do its work.

    3. Create a crystal energy field. Some people may not want to disrupt their meditation by having crystals touching their body, in which case creating a crystal circle or grid can be a helpful way to connect with crystal energy without the physical touch. "I recommend creating a circle to surround yourself with the crystals," explains Askinosie. "Place one [crystal] in front, one in back, and one on each side of you to envelop yourself in the crystal energy. You can incorporate one or more types of crystals into your meditation, but it’s important to interact with them to align yourself with their high vibrations."

    Another option is to create a crystal grid on your altar to focus on before, during, or after your meditation session. By intentionally placing your chosen crystals in a circular design on your altar or other sacred space, you can actually amplify and enhance each stone’s energy. You can read more about how to create a crystal grid here.

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    Lauren Conrad Bares Her Baby Bump in Bikini-Clad Maternity Shoot


    Lauren Conrad is looking positively radiant.

    As the fashion designer nears the end of her second pregnancy she is savoring the last few days of that mommy-to-be glow. And what better way to capture that than with an impromptu maternity shoot?

    The 33-year-old is sharing a photo that her friend took of her on the way back from a relaxing day by the pool. LC jokes on Instagram, “This counts as a maternity shoot, right?”

    She adds, “Currently somewhere between ‘Get this baby out of me!’ and ‘Stay in there kid! We still have so much prep to do!'”

    In all fairness, the mom seems to be pretty on top of things. Lauren recently released her Amazon registry for baby no. two. “”There are so many things that go into preparing for a little one! I’m so glad I was able to find all of my pregnancy and baby essentials in one place,” she told E! News.

    As a working mom with a thriving business, the former Hills star doesn’t get much down time, but a source previously told E! News that she was excited to start preparing for the arrival of baby no. two. “[She’s] looking forward to decorating another nursery and has some ideas of what she would like,” the source shared.

    And this time around, the mom will be a seasoned pro when it comes to having a newborn in the house. On her podcast, Asking For a Friend, the former reality star said that it took her “at least a year” to feel like her “old self” after welcoming son Liam Tell.

    She explained, “This little tiny person is now my boss and tells me when I’m going to sleep and when I’m going to eat and makes all my decisions for me now… It’s just this weird shift.”

    But, as expected, she took everything in stride. Now, the designer can’t wait to do it all over again. 

    Don’t miss E! News every weeknight at 7, only on E!

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    14 Sexy Christmas Movies That Definitely Belong on the Naughty List

    14 Sexy Christmas Movies That Definitely Belong on the Naughty List

    When you think of Christmas, “sexy” probably isn’t the first adjective that comes to mind. But as wonderful as the holidays are, they also involve a fair amount of stress, shopping, and family drama, and a dose of sexiness may be exactly what you need to take the edge off. There aren’t many, but there are definitely some Christmas flicks out there that are far more horny than corny, so if you’re feeling like the Grinch, it may be time to watch one of these 14 sexy holiday movies. It’s the most wonderful time of the year, after all — shouldn’t that involve at least a little sexiness?

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    The Capture: Who killed Hannah and was Mat really tortured? Plus more burning questions from episode three

    THE Capture returned to TV tonight for episode three and left fans begging for more with MORE endless unanswered questions.

    We take you through what happened and what we need to know.

    Five burning questions from episode three of The Capture

    1) Who does Frank Napier REALLY work for?

    The stakes intensify for Shaun as he is interrogated by inscrutable US agent Frank Napier at a covert CIA outpost in a Belgravia safe house.

    On the outset it seems that Napier is trying to discover Hannah's whereabouts – but who does he really work for?

    It just all seems a bit dodgy, like Napier knows that Shaun doesn't know where Hannah is, but is still trying to extract information from him in a very brutal way – which brings us to our next point.

    2) Was Mat really tortured?

    As Shaun was being interrogated by Napier and swearing his innocence over Hannah – we saw his best friend Mat being brought into another room.

    While Shaun kept saying that he didn't know where Hannah was they started chopping off Mat's fingers – one by one.

    The grisly scenes were hard to watch with Shaun looking on in horror – all the while saying he has "been set up!"

    However, later, as Shaun's captors try to transport him to another location he manages to free himself and heads to a location that only him and Mat know.

    To his surprise, Mat turns up and he's all in one piece – despite being tortured.

    He seems to know nothing about his fingers being chopped off – so who was in the video? And is Mat in on it?

    He looks like he knows something – as after Shaun steals his car he sent a text saying: "I'm so sorry Shauny, I had to."

    It's then shown that the police are on Shaun's tail.

    3) Who leaked the original CCTV footage?

    As Shaun was being interrogated by Napier someone leaked the footage of him 'assaulting Hannah' to the press – the footage he swears has been doctored.

    The clip is now on YouTube – even though it was withdrawn from use by the Secret Service.

    Who is the leak in the police? Who is going against DI Carey?

    4) Who is doctoring all the CCTV footage?

    Every vital piece of CCTV footage is constantly being doctored – we don't know what is real anymore.

    Who is doing it and why?

    Who is out to get Shaun? Or is he really doing everything that is being shown in the CCTV footage? Who knows.

    5) Who really killed Hannah?

    At the end, after Shaun had stolen Mat's car we saw him edge round to the back of the boot of the car – all of this was being watched by DI Carey on CCTV.

    When he opened the boot, Hannah's dead body was in there – but who killed her?

    Also as it was Mat's car, did he help set Shaun up? Who knows – we can't wait to get the next piece of the puzzle next week.

    When is The Capture next on TV?

    The thriller continues next TUESDAY (September 24, 2019)

    You can catch it on BBC One from 9pm to 10pm.

    Each episode will be available to watch on the BBC iPlayer once it has aired on television.


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    The Trailer For Netflix’s New Immigration Docuseries Shows A Terrifying Reality

    Netflix’s newest docuseries delving into a major topic in American politics right now. Selena Gomez’s Living Undocumented trailer is bringing real stories of immigration to Netflix. The show is set to premiere on Oct. 2, and it promises an intimate look at the fears undocumented immigrants live with in 2019.

    Netflix’s Living Undocumented will follow eight families affected by current immigration policies. The official synopsis reads:

    The series was produced by Aaron Saidman and Eli Holzman, who are both Emmy-winning producers behind Leah Remini: Scientology and the Aftermath, with Gomez serving as executive producer. The actor, of course, has collaborated with Netflix before, acting as a producer on their hit show 13 Reasons Why. According to Variety, Saidman and Anna Chai are co-directors on the series. Chai is also an Emmy award-winning director and producer of shows like The Mind of a Chef, The Layover with Anthony Bourdain, and This American Life.

    In a press release received by Bustle, Gomez explained why she wanted to be involved in the project. "I chose to produce this series, Living Undocumented, because over the past few years, the word immigrant has seemingly become a negative word," she said. "My hope is that the series can shed light on what it’s like to live in this country as an undocumented immigrant firsthand, from the courageous people who have chosen to share their stories.”

    Immigration is a hot button issue in the States, and the system is imperfect, to say the least. As a voice over says in the trailer, the wait for a green card can be over 20 years, and the pathway to citizenship can be tedious. Wait time for citizenship has reportedly doubled since 2017, according to The New York Times. And recently, those fleeing danger in their home countries seeking asylum in the United States have been put in detention centers at the border, even if they attempted to enter legally — since you physically have to be in America to seek asylum. And the U.S. policy on asylum seekers could be getting more strict.

    Because of all of these rapidly changing immigration policies, misinformation, and the racism that can infiltrate the immigration debate, it was important to Saidman to show real humans going through it and might add to the conversation. "Rather than discussing this issue with only statistics and policy debates, " he said in a press release, "we wanted viewers to hear directly from the immigrants themselves, in their own words, with all the power and emotion that these stories reflect."

    This isn’t the first time Gomez has weighed in on the immigration debate. On June 29, Gomez spoke out about the treatment of the children in these detention centers at the border in an Instagram post. "Kids in cages! Sleeping on concrete floors with aluminum blankets! No access to simple dignities! How is this still happening???" she wrote. "It’s absolutely inhumane to treat anyone like this let alone children. I can’t even imagine what they are going through. We need to get this to finally stop! Don’t stay silent on this human rights issue- please call your reps 202.224.3121 #CloseTheCamps #FamilesBelongTogether."

    Now, just a few months later, Living Undocumented will be another step forward in Gomez’s activism.

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    Tim Tebow, Demi-Leigh Nel-Peters ask for 'help' with wedding hashtags

    Tim Tebow gets engaged to former Miss Universe Demi-Leigh Nel-Peters

    Former NFL quarterback Tim Tebow popped the question to his girlfriend, former Miss Universe Demi-Leigh Nel-Peters, with a 7.25-carat sparkler at his family’s farm outside of Jacksonville, Florida, according to People magazine.

    Like many engaged millennial couples, Tim Tebow and Demi-Leigh Nel-Peters are admittedly struggling to coin the perfect wedding hashtag. Unlike most average folks of their generation, however, the former NFL quarterback and beauty queen asked their millions of Instagram followers for inspiration – with fans pitching some impeccable ideas.

    “So, we're kind of delirious a little bit right now, because we've been trying to come up with our wedding hashtags, and this is the list right now,” Tebow revealed in a Sept. 17 Instagram video, pointing to a blank sheet of notebook paper.

    “Yeah, it's great, it's going very well,” a giggling Nel-Peters sarcastically joked.

    “But we need your help!” Tebow piped up.

    “Please, do you have any ideas?” Nel-Peters asked


    “Yeah, wedding hashtags, we need your help!” the groom-to-be said in the quick clip, which had been viewed over 93,000 times as of Tuesday afternoon.

    “#TookAKneeForDemiLeigh God bless you both!” one user cried.

    “#TyingTheTebow” another said.

    “#ToHaveAndTebow” one offered.

    “#YouHadMeAtTebow” another pitched.

    Others took a more spiritual approach, throwing out suggestions like “#GodsDesign” and “#EternallyBlessed” for the faith-focused couple.

    Some commenters seized the moment to dish details on their own happy marriages, and wish the future newlyweds well.

    “#LoveOfALifetime. That’s what I call marriage. I have been with my husband 36 years and married 34. Sending y’all best wishes and many years of gods blessings and happiness!!” one user gushed.


    “Golly! I wish I could help y’all, but I’m too old for that kinda thing. I’ve been married almost 42 years!” another wrote. “We didn’t have such complicated things back then! But I wish you joy and happiness and many years of love and commitment together.”

    According to The Knot, the wedding hashtag trend has gained steam among social media savvy-couples in recent years, as a way to digitally tag photos and videos across various sites and remember the special day online. Many couples shoot for “a cute, clever strings of words that turn your celebration into a clickable event.”

    As for Tebow and Nel-Peters, the 32-year-old athlete and 24-year-old former Miss Universe got engaged in January at his family's farm outside of Jacksonville, Fla.

    Tebow secretly flew in Nel-Peters’ family and her closest pals from South Africa so they could be there for the pair's engagement, along with the former NFL pro's loved ones, and he presented his bride-to-be with a 7.25-carat sparkler.

    Though the pair has remained mum as to when they’ll ultimately tie the knot, Nel-Peters teased photos of her bachelorette party on a boat in New York City to Instagram on Sept. 16.

    Last year, the model described her relationship with Tebow to Fox News as a “wonderful” and “supportive” partnership.


    "It’s wonderful to be able to share my life experiences with somebody who's so understanding and supportive," Nel-Peters said. "He supports me in everything that I do. He’s just the sweetest person ever and it’s such an honor for me to be able to get to share my experiences with him."

    Fox News’ Mariah Haas contributed to this report.

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    Roseanne Barr had fat transferred to her butt to look like the Kardashians

    The Kardashians are the inspiration behind Roseanne Barr‘s new look.

    The 66-year-old comedian revealed to “DailyMailTV” that she had her stomach fat transferred to her butt because she was displeased with her assets.

    “I have a thing for butts because I never had a butt my whole life and I’ve always felt deprived,” she explained. “When I see these Kardashians and these young women … think, ‘Maybe I could get a butt like that.’”

    Fans have long speculated that Kim Kardashian, Kylie Jenner and Khloé Kardashian have received fat transfers in order to obtain their unique physiques, though they’ve never admitted to anything. The former “Roseanne” star, however, had no problem coming clean about her new body.

    “I did have one procedure where I got the fat sucked out of my stomach and put in my butt because I just wanted to see what it would be like to have some shape of my butt,” Barr, who is set to launch a new comedy tour, confessed.

    “I just basically have a crack in my back.”

    Barr has never shied away from revealing her plastic surgery procedures, having previously admitted to receiving gastric bypass, tummy tuck, facelift, nose job and breast reduction.

    On the heels of her fat transfer, Barr said she’s ready to make even more changes to her body.

    “Now I want a waist,” she stated. “I don’t have a waist.”

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    Niall Horan Shoots New Music Video With Model Georgia Mae Gibbs

    Niall Horan catches the camera’s eye during a night shoot on the set of his music video on Monday (September 16) in London.

    The 25-year-old musician was seen walking side by side with some pals through steam and smoke. The video is rumored to be for his new single “Nice To Meet Ya”, which is expected to drop later this month.

    PHOTOS: Check out the latest pics of Niall Horan

    Aussie model Georgia Mae Gibbs was also seen on the set in a shiny silver dress using an umbrella to protect herself from the rain.

    We can’t wait to see the final product!

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