7 Photo Stories That Will Challenge Your View Of The World

This week’s BuzzFeed News photo stories offer historical context for the world we live in.

First up: A new exhibition at the Annenberg Space for Photography in Los Angeles shows how walls have long been used as tools for sowing division and perpetuating ideologies.. This is followed by a visit to the Bronx Museum of the Arts, where photographer Henry Chalfant takes us back to the ’70s to witness the birth of hip-hop and street art.

Lisette Poole takes us on an incredibly hard journey from Cuba to the United States, and Ari Fitz breaks the perception of what pregnancy should look like with her insightful series.

We end with former BuzzFeed News reporter Mike Giglio and the photographers who accompanied him in the field as he reported on the Kurds in their fight against ISIS, and a look at the aftermath of Typhoon Hagibis, the most powerful tropical cyclone to hit Japan in a generation.

Don’t forget to sign up for the BuzzFeed News newsletter JPG — this week’s edition will feature an interview with Annie Leibovitz, who shares her thoughts on camera phones and the future of photography.

These are the pictures that caught our eye and kept us thinking.

“These Powerful Pictures Show the Emotional and Political Impact of Walls” — BuzzFeed News

“Photos of a Butch Woman Challenge What Pregnancy Should Look Like” — Refinery29

“Here’s How NYC Kids in the ’70s Changed American Culture Forever” — BuzzFeed News

“The Kurds Saved the US From ISIS. This Is How It All Began.” — BuzzFeed News

“Scenes From the Aftermath of Typhoon Hagibis in Japan” — the Atlantic

“This Photographer Traveled Across 10-Plus Countries Following Two Women Trying to Reach the US From Cuba” — the Washington Post

“23 of the Most Powerful Photos of This Week” — BuzzFeed News

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Megan McKenna: ‘Can’t deal with it’ Celebrity X Factor star opens up on health decision

Megan McKenna, 27, rose to fame on MTV show Ex On The Beach in 2015 and went on to appear in Celebrity Big Brother and The Only Way Is Essex.

Since her stint on the reality shows, the singer has come along way and has been busy touring around the UK.

Megan has also made a huge change in terms of her health, as she revealed she decided to ditch the booze earlier this year.

The star said she credits stopping drinking alcohol for turning her life around.

I’m a mess and I can’t deal with

Megan McKenna

“I realised I didn’t want to be doing that any more,” she told The Sun’s Fabulous Magazine. “I would go out and get paralytic. I’m talking downing the Jägerbombs like you would not believe. I don’t know how I did it.”

Megan continued: “I was necking them three in a line, tequila, Sambuca… And I was waking up in the morning with my face all swollen from the alcohol.”

The reality favourite has coeliac disease and explained she would suffer the next day following a night of drinking alcohol.

“I’m coeliac and I’d constantly have a bad belly from a night out,” she said.

“Some nights I’d go to the toilet, be sick and then go back and carry on drinking. I was abusing my body.”

Megan added: “And then the morning after is just the worst feeling. I’m a mess and I can’t deal with it. It actually gives me anxiety now just thinking about it, so I can’t do that to myself any more.”

Megan appeared on Good Morning Britain earlier this week, alongside Pete Waterman, to speak about her upcoming appearance on The X Factor: Celebrity, where he appered to have big hopes for the singer. 

When asked whether he could see Megan becoming the next Kylie Minogue, Pete spilled: “Absolutely, she’s brilliant, she’s fantastic.”

Megan has previously auditioned for The X Factor in 2014 and 2015 and got through to bootcamp on both occasions but never appeared on TV.

Speaking to about her time to the Daily Star foyr years ago, she said: “I was singing country and Simon said that wouldn’t work in the UK.

“And he said ‘you can’t sing country music because you’re from Essex’.

“I don’t think they treated me fairly.”

She went on: “For the first few rounds Simon loved me but suddenly I was told ‘You’re from Essex so no one will take you seriously.'”

Megan added: “But I’m not going to give up. I would even go back to X Factor to prove them wrong.”

The Essex native will be performing tonight on the ITV show in front of judges Simon Cowell, Louis Walsh and Nicole Scherzinger. 

X Factor: Celebrity airs tonight on ITV from 8.30pm.

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Guillermo del Toro on How ‘The Shape of Water’ Helped Him Process a Breakup

Mere days after taking home both Best Picture and Best Director Academy Awards for his monster-movie romance “The Shape of Water” in 2018, Mexican auteur Guillermo del Toro announced that he had recently divorced his wife of three decades. As revealed in a new interview with Elijah Wood and Daniel Noah on their indie genre production company SpectreVision’s podcast “Visitations,” the film was, for del Toro, an elegy to lost love and the “transformation” that occurs during marriage, and its fallout.

“I wanted to make a song, a love song,” del Toro said of “The Shape of Water,” which he wrote and directed. “I wanted it to feel like a song that you listen to in the car with the top down on the PCH on the way to the beach, a really beautiful melody. I wanted to say what I think love is, which is very very simple, which is to see the other in its completeness, to really see you for who you are, because if you marry someone that necessarily has flaws…that’s impossible to remedy; you cannot ever remedy that.”

Del Toro continued, “But if you find someone who looks at you and you look at them exactly as they are, and you love them, and you’re not trying to hide or mitigate their personality, then that’s beautiful. When we talk about transformation, people change each other. When you marry someone, that person changes you and you change that person. Inevitably there is love, that will happen, but that’s different than demanding transformation.”

Del Toro went on to say why, with regard to transformation, “the ending of ‘Beauty and the Beast’ is disappointing, because the Beast should stay the beast, because that’s how they fell in love. To me, the idea of normalcy is so scary… breaking the norm should be as acceptable as the norm. The plurality of human existence is you can go back and forth, make a mistake, change your mind, and you cannot exist in a black and white way.”

Del Toro is currently at work with a dream cast on “Nightmare Alley,” a noir adaptation of William Lindsay Gresham’s 1946 novel of the same name, including Cate Blanchett, Rooney Mara, and Bradley Cooper.

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For a Disney Movie, Maleficent: Mistress of Evil Includes More Death Than Usual

Warning: major spoilers for Maleficent: Mistress of Evil ahead!

Maleficent: Mistress of Evil is definitely not your typical Disney fairy tale. While the sequel to the 2014 film is a heartwarming tale about a protective mother and her daughter, it also has its fair share of dark moments and heartbreaking deaths.

After Princess Aurora and her new fiancé Prince Philip join forces to unite the kingdom of Ulstead and the Moors creatures, it becomes quickly apparent that Sleeping Beauty’s future mother-in-law has different plans. Throughout the course of the film, we learn that Queen Ingrith’s true intentions are to completely wipe out the Moors creatures with a magical poison she crafted, so she can claim their land for herself and her kingdom.

Aurora and Philip’s wedding eventually turns into an episode of Game of Thrones as Ingrith unleashes her evil plan and a bloody battle ensues. While there are several casualties, including the death of the blue fairy (still can’t believe that one, TBH), the biggest shocker comes when Maleficent sacrifices herself to protect Aurora from a poisonous arrow.

As Maleficent disintegrates to dust, the audience is left wondering, “Did that really just happen?!” for a full whole minute before it all clicks. Turns out, Maleficent is actually the last fey descendant of a phoenix, and with a little help from Aurora’s tears, she eventually takes on her final form and saves the day. Don’t worry, Queen Ingrith gets hers as Maleficent turns her into a goat.

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Angelina Jolie Characters Make the Perfect Halloween Costumes

The sequel to Maleficent hit theaters on Friday, bringing an ideal Halloween costume idea along with it. If you don't feel like saddling yourself with pairs of both horns and wings, though, there are plenty other ways to channel Angelina Jolie on Hallow's Eve. Of course, there's the obvious: Lara Croft. But Jolie's cinematic deep cuts will likely get you the most inspired. That's especially true, in fact, if you don't have Jolie's long brown locks. For blondes, there's Jolie in Girl, Interrupted and Life or Something Like It; for those with bangs or pixie cuts, there's Jolie in Hackers and Salt, respectively. As for the clothes, the options range from risqué—fishnets and a latex minidress, à la Mr. and Mrs. Smith—to modest chic, with brown furs and a cloche hat, à la Changeling. Find all the inspiration you need, here.

Angelina Jolie as Kate in Hackers, 1995. Photo courtesy of United Artists and Everett Collection.

Angelina Jolie as Amelia Donaghy in The Bone Collector, 1999. Photo courtesy of Universal and Everett Collection.

Angelina Jolie as Lisa in Girl, Interrupted, 1999. Photo courtesy of Columbia and Everett Collection.

Angelina Jolie as Mary Bell in Pushing Tin, 1999. Photo courtesy of 20th Century Fox and Everett Collection.

Angelina Jolie as Lara Croft in Lara Croft: Tomb Raider, 2001. Photo courtesy of Paramount and IMDb.

Angelina Jolie as Lanie Kerrigan in Life or Something Like It, 2002. Photo courtesy of 20th Century Fox and Everett Collection.

Angelina Jolie as Lara Croft in Lara Croft Tomb Raider: The Cradle of Life, 2003. Photo courtesy of Paramount and Everett Collection.

Angelina Jolie as Sarah Jordan in Beyond Borders, 2003. Photo courtesy of Paramount and Everett Collection.

Angelina Jolie as Jane Smith in Mr. and Mrs. Smith, 2005. Photo courtesy of 20th Century Fox and Everett Collection.

Angelina Jolie as Jane Smith in Mr. and Mrs. Smith, 2005. Photo courtesy of 20th Century Fox and IMDb.

Angelina Jolie as Margaret 'Clover' Russell in The Good Shepherd, 2006. Photo courtesy of Universal and Everett Collection.

Angelina Jolie as Grendel's Mother in Beowulf, 2007. Photo courtesy of Paramount and Everett Collection.

Angelina Jolie as Christine Collins in Changeling, 2008. Photo courtesy of Universal and Everett Collection

Angelina Jolie as Evelyn Salt in Salt, 2010. Photo courtesy of Columbia Pictures and Everett Collection.

Angelina Jolie as Vanessa in By the Sea, 2015. Photo courtesy of Universal Pictures and Everett Collection.

Angelina Jolie as Maleficent in Maleficent: Mistress of Evil, 2019. Photo courtesy of Walt Disney Studios Motion Pictures and Everett Collection.

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See Bon Iver Perform Three Songs at Barclays Center for ‘CBS This Morning’

Nearly one week after Bon Iver’s sold-out Brooklyn arena shows, footage from the gigs served as CBS This Morning‘s “Saturday Sessions” mini-concert.

The indie-folk outfit, who released their fourth studio album i,i in August, played dynamic renditions of the James Blake-assisted “iMi” and “Salem” from their latest record at the Barclays Center.

Bon Iver frontman Justin Vernon and his band also played emotive throwback “Blood Bank” from the 2009 eponymous EP.

Bon Iver’s kaleidoscopic new record also featured contributions from Bruce Hornsby, Sean Carey and the National’s Aaron and Bryce Dessner.

In addition to their performance, Bon Iver sat down with CBS This Morning co-host Anthony Mason to discuss their beginnings as a Wisconsin indie band and their journey to playing sold-out arenas.

When asked about his decision to cancel a tour in 2017 and retreat from the music industry, Vernon replied, “When you’re uncomfortable, you have discomfort, you get angry,” he told Mason. “This is an example of something I couldn’t have done five years ago. I didn’t have it within me, or the strength, to sit and talk with you.”

Vernon was able to heal through “friendship and therapy,” according to Mason. He also discussed the collaborative process that helped the group thrive on i,i, which also due in part to the addition of Wye Oak’s Jenn Wasner to the group.

“There’s a lot of language you develop that’s not in the English language. It’s the musical language that you can only develop between people you play with every day,” he explained.

Bon Iver will wrap up its latest run of North American tour dates tonight in North Carolina, but will head back on the road for additional dates before the end of the year. The band is slated to head out on a European tour in April 2020.

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When Mary Met Edgar: Exploring Cassatt and Degas

There are love stories about kindred spirits. There are others about far-off admirers.

This is a story of both.

In 2014, Christopher Ward visited an art exhibit that explored the relationship between the French Impressionist Edgar Degas and the American artist Mary Cassatt. The two were inseparable in the late 1870s. They kept studios blocks from each other in Paris and met frequently when in town.

Mr. Ward, a playwright, was captivated by the pair. “I looked at my wife and said, ‘This is a play,’” he recently recalled.

Mr. Ward’s “The Independents,” which began performances on Thursday at the Jerry Orbach Theater in Manhattan, explores the artists’ relationship in the late 1870s. “I’ve always loved Mary Cassatt,” Mr. Ward said. Like writers before him, Mr. Ward was curious about the dynamic between the Cassatt and Degas. Cassatt, a single woman who moved to Paris in 1866 to pursue painting, left few accounts behind. Degas didn’t write much either. Historians agree, though, that it was one of the most significant artistic relationships of that era.

“He challenged her and loved her enthusiasm,” said Kimberly A. Jones, curator of 19th-century French painting at the National Gallery of Art in Washington, which hosted the exhibition Mr. Ward saw in 2014. “She was fearless. The two of them would riff off each other. What Cassatt saw in Degas was that he was always trying something new.”

So how did the daughter of an American stockbroker come to meet a surly, bourgeois French artist? Degas became aware of Cassatt, known for her sensitive portrayals of women and children, in 1874, historians said. He was strolling through the Salon exhibition in Paris that spring, a highlight of the social art season, when he came across a painting of a woman in a blue gown.

According to the art historian Nancy Mowll Mathews, Degas looked at the painting and remarked, “This is someone who feels the way I do.” The painting was by Cassatt. “It is an anecdote she told often,” Dr. Mathews, who has written about the artist, said.

It wasn’t until 1877 that the two met. Cassatt knew Degas’s work and admired his pastels. By then, Degas and a group of artists, including Claude Monet, Pierre-Auguste Renoir and Camille Pissarro, had formed the Impressionists. Cassatt and Degas were introduced by Joseph-Gabriel Tourny, an artist who met Cassatt when she visited Antwerp in 1873, Dr. Mathews said. Despite growing up on different continents, the two had much in common.

Neither was married. Degas’s mother was from the United States, and his two brothers married Americans and lived in New Orleans.

“Degas was surrounded by Americans,” Dr. Mathews said. “He was someone who liked having people like him. He got them interested in his ideas. Cassatt was one of many who came into the Impressionist circle through Degas.” They even talked about touring the United States together, she said.

In 1877 Cassatt joined the Impressionists — a welcome invitation, as female artists weren’t allowed to mingle with men in cafes. (Single women, too, were accompanied by chaperones.)

Degas would go on to influence her work. The girl in Cassatt’s “Little Girl in a Blue Armchair,” for example, was the daughter of a friend of Degas, Dr. Jones said. He also advised her on the painting’s background and, brush in hand, painted a few strokes.

How much Cassatt appreciated his help is a matter of debate. “She thought he was the greatest artist of his day,” Dr. Mathews said. “She was flattered that he was so interested in her work.”

Mr. Ward, though, had a different take, which he explores in the play.

He spent nearly a year reading texts and perusing letters and came away with the idea that Cassatt, who was accomplished in her own right, would have been annoyed by Degas’s fiddling. “He was a terror,” the playwright said. “I got this subtext, ‘Can you believe he has painted on my painting?’”

Whatever might have transpired, Cassatt exhibited the painting, along with 10 others, in her debut with the Impressionists in 1879. And it foreshadowed a relationship that was both supportive and fraught. “There are lots of examples of him saying things to her that were offensive,” Dr. Mathews said. “He would say, ‘I can’t believe a woman can draw this well.’”

Degas also chided Cassatt for being a stereotypical American in Paris, she said. In one etching, Degas depicted Cassatt at the Louvre looking at an artwork as her sister reads a book. “That etching fell right into the old joke about tourists in the museum looking at their guidebooks,” Dr. Mathews said.

Still, he prized his relationship with her. Cassatt appeared in several of Degas’s works depicting well-heeled Parisian women. “She permeates a lot of his work in the late 1870s,” Dr. Jones said. “I think one of the reasons he liked her was because she was an elegant young woman. He was capturing her in her real habitat.”

After the 1879 Impressionist show, Degas wanted to create a journal of prints that explored light and shadow. He recruited his fellow Impressionists, including Cassatt, with whom he worked most closely, to work on the project, titled “Le Jour et la Nuit.” They spent hours at each other’s studios. They explored new painting techniques, including using metallic paint.

“They were inseparable,” Mr. Ward said. “In Mary, he met his match.”

But in 1880, the project was abandoned. That angered Cassatt’s American family who, by then, had moved to Paris. “Mary Cassatt’s mother would throw all kinds of shade at Degas,” Dr. Jones said. “She thought Mary should be painting, not wasting time on Degas’s journal.” But Cassatt would continue her work, becoming a master printmaker in later years. “So it opened doors she might not have gone through,” Dr. Jones said.

The relationship between the two artists drifted after the journal fell apart. Still, Cassatt remained aware of his personal affairs. At the end of his life, she encouraged Degas’s niece to take care of him, Dr. Jones said. He died in 1917. Cassatt died nine years later.

Their close relationship, particularly from 1877 to 1880, has left some people to wonder: Were the two ever lovers? Robin Oliveira, a historical fiction writer, explored the idea in her 2014 novel, “I Always Loved You: A Story of Mary Cassatt and Edgar Degas.” “I see it as a possibility in a complex mentoring relationship which evolved,” she said.

But most historians disagree. “She needed professional distance to be taken seriously,” Dr. Jones said. “Or she would always be seen as Degas’s lover.”

Cassatt was conscious of her reputation, even going so far as to regularly destroy letters and artwork that might diminish her standing as an artist. “If you die suddenly, you don’t get to control your destiny,” Dr. Jones said.

Mr. Ward, for his part, said they were kindred spirits lucky enough to find each other in Paris. “When you see their paintings side by side, she was his equal,” he said. “And that is what I am trying to show in this play.”

Laura M. Holson is an award-winning feature writer from New York. She joined The Times in 1998 and has written about Hollywood, Wall Street and Silicon Valley. A movie producer once held a butter knife to her neck. @lauramholson

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Good Morning Britain star ‘signs up’ to I’m A Celebrity – it’s not who you think

Hosts Ant McPartlin and Declan Donnelly will be back with a new bunch of campmates in just a matter of weeks, and it seems one high profile star has already signed up from fellow ITV show Good Morning Britain. 

According to The Sun Online, host Kate Garraway has signed up for this year’s series and has booked time off work to appear.

It was rumoured that Kate was all set up to go on last year’s show, but pulled out weeks before the series was set to commence.

She was reportedly offered a huge £150,000 sum to go on the programme, but was unable to commit due to her hectic schedule.

However, it looks as though the TV presenter will be swapping to evenings, after she The Sun Online reported that she has agreed to appear on the show, which starts at the beginning of November.


  • Dominic Raab pulls apart Kate Garraway ‘that’s not factually accurate’

Speaking about the possibility of appearing on the show before, she said: “I think it’s completely terrifying but it’s also a brilliant show to watch, so I don’t know.

“My kids would love me to do it, I don’t know what that says!”

Kate has joked that her close family in friends have tried to encourage her on the show to see her “tortured”.

She continued: “People keep saying I’d be good in there and basically what that means is you want to see me tortured!”

If Kate is indeed entering the jungle, it won’t be the first time the breakfast show host has appeared on a reality show.

She previously appeared on Strictly Come Dancing back in 2007 alongside veteran pro Anton Du Beke, where she failed to impress judges.

However, despite receiving the lowest score in every week but one that she remained in the competition, she was repeatedly saved by the public vote, and stayed until week seven of the competition.

After success with the public before, will she manage to prove popular in the jungle too? 

Strictly Come Dancing: Will Bayley left co-star in tears in rehearsals [VIDEO]

Strictly Come Dancing 2019: Karim Zeroual in trouble ahead of Salsa? [IT TAKES TWO]
Dan Walker makes dig at GMB after they smash viewing figures [TWITTER]

Rumours have been flying around in recent weeks as fans of the series have begun to speculate who might be going down under this winter.

Among the rumoured contestants is a host of soap stars, sports stars and other famous faces.

Coronation Street’s Alan Halsall is one star who was said to be in “advanced talks” with producers for this year’s series. 

Fans were left convinced he was teasing his appearance on the show, after he posted a snap on Instagram whilst hiking with the caption: “It’s a jungle out there.”


  • I’m A Celebrity 2019: Coronation Street star Lucy Fallon ‘confirmed’

Fellow Coronation Street actor Lucy Fallon also looks set to sign up this year, after an ITV source told The Sun that: “Lucy is bubbly, funny, down-to-earth and game for a challenge, so she is a great fit for I’m a Celebrity.” 

She reportedly spoke to show bosses last year, but the source said Lucy felt that “the timing is right” this year, as her character Bethany Platt will soon be leaving the cobbles.

Other celebs who are reportedly in talks for the show include EastEnders actress Jacqueline Jossa, Love Island 2018 winner Dani Dyer, and footballing legend Ian Wright. 

As I’m A Celeb’s return is imminent, who will viewers see in the camp this year?

I’m A Celebrity… Get Me Out Of Here! returns to screens next month on ITV. 

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Lady Gaga Says She's 'In a Lot of Pain' While Attending Best Friend's Bachelorette After Fall

Lady Gaga won’t let anything get in the way of supporting her friends — even a nasty tumble.

One day after falling offstage during a performance, and landing on her back, the singer stepped out to celebrate her longtime makeup artist Sarah Tanno.

“I might be in a lot of pain but I couldn’t miss my bestfriends bachelorette dinner,” Gaga, 33, wrote on Friday, alongside a selfie from the night out. In the image, Gaga holds up a fun pair of pink “bridesmaid” glasses, which perfectly match her candy-colored hair as well as her bold eye look.

The star went on to share another photo of herself posing with the bride-to-be herself, with whom she created her new beauty line Haus Laboratories.

“An about to be married woman and me, a single lady,” she captioned the shot, seemingly hinting that her relationship with rumored boyfriend Dan Hornton had come to an end. “Also thanks @hauslabs for the makeup.”

Lady Gaga
(L-R) Sarah Tanno and Lady Gaga

Shortly before stepping out on the town, Gaga revealed on social media that hat she had to get X-rays — and lots of them — to ensure that she didn’t break any bones in her body following Thursday’s fall.

“When they have to X-Ray almost your entire body…” she wrote on Instagram and Twitter beside a photo of her hand X-ray, in which she held up the “OK” gesture.

Gaga then playfully quoted one of her own songs to make it clear that she was unharmed from the accident.

“Just Dance. Gonna be ok👌.”

Gaga was performing her sold-out Las Vegas residency show Enigma on Thursday night when she plummeted off of Park MGM’s Park Theater stage while hugging a male fan she had invited onstage with her — something she builds toward every show before a stripped-down performance of her hit, “A Million Reasons”.

The performer had climbed into the man’s arms while greeting him with a hug after he was pulled from the audience, but he lost his footing while bouncing her around, slipping and falling.

Despite the hard fall, Gaga quickly recovered and returned to the stage to continue her show, reassuring fans that she was unharmed and not angry.

“Everything’s okay. Everything’s okay,” she said from the pit, as captured on a fan video. “The only thing that’s not okay is we need some stairs for the damn stage so I can get back up!”

“That was a fall!” she later remarked. “But sometimes, even if you fall, you make it up.”

Lady Gaga performs during her 'ENIGMA' residency in December 2018

The star went on to tell fans that this wasn’t the first time she had fallen off the stage.

“I’ve actually staged-dived. It was like a run, but then I stopped leaping and just dropped,” she shared.

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Cage The Elephant Capture Ninth Alternative Songs No. 1 With ‘Social Cues’

Cage the Elephant have earned their 9th No. 1 on Billboard‘s Alternative Songs Chart with “Social Cues.”

Cage the Elephant’s “Social Cues” climbed from 2nd position to the top spot on the October 19-dated list to earn the band its ninth leader on Alternative Songs airplay chart.

The band is now only behind Red Hot Chili Peppers (13), Green Day (11), Linkin Park (11), and Foo Fighters (10), in the list of most Alternative No. 1s.

Previously, “Social Cues” had topped the Adult Alternative Songs chart, which secured Cage the Elephant their first set of consecutive No. 1s on the chart as well as the 4th overall.

The track is the second single and title song from the band’s fifth album. Social Cues had debuted at No. 2 on Top Rock Albums and No. 21 on the Billboard 200 chart in May.

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