I landed dream job modelling lingerie at Fashion Week – but forgot to shave

I landed dream job modelling lingerie at Fashion Week – but forgot to shave

A curvy model shared the moment she realised she forgot to shave her legs before walking the catwalk in lingerie.

Iskra Lawrence was once deemed 'too big' for 'standard' clothing and 'too thin' to represent plus size fashion. But while some once thought she wouldn't make it as a model, the 32-year-old proved them wrong.

Not only has she worked with countless brands and built up millions of followers over the years, she managed to live her dream by walking the runway at New York Fashion Week earlier this year.

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She took to Instagram to urge fans not to give up on their dreams as she got ready to leave for hers – but while she was filming, she realised she made a rookie error.

Speaking about living her dream, Iskra said: "I'm opening the Adore Me fashion show at New York Fashion Week. I'm not okay. I'm not okay – 13-year-old Iskra is screaming right now and thinking 'how on earth did we get here?'

"Even 20 year old Iskra is like, 'how on earth did we get here?' I was doing college fashion shows. I was never getting paid and doing shoot after shoot after shoot and just being told I would never make it legit.

"Agencies rejecting me left, right and center. So, you might need this reminder to never give up because the prime old age of 32, I am opening my first New York Fashion Week."

The superstar, who moved to LA from Kidderminster, proceeded to get dressed for her show, pairing a corset top with black trousers and a jacket. She even packed her bag full of emergancy snacks as she didn't know when she'd be able to get a proper meal in.

However, that was the least of her concerns. In the last few seconds of her video, she realised her blunder and said: "Wait, I totally and utterly forgot to shave".

"Opening a lingerie show Iskra and you forgot to shave your legs?! I gotta go. Luckily, I know this brand is accepting of all types of bodies with all types of hair."

Instagram fans were left howling over the error, which has gained more than 44,000 likes. They took to the comments to praise her for the candid clip – and one user said: "I Iove how authentic you are. You’re amazing Iskra!"

Another added: "You have no idea how appreciated your openness and candor are." A third wrote: "I love the way you said that." Meanwhile, a fourth commented: "Thank you for making beautiful content for all of us!!"

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