Donald Trump’s Mug Shot Will Likely Be Taken at One of Georgia’s Most Violent County Jails

Donald Trump’s Mug Shot Will Likely Be Taken at One of Georgia’s Most Violent County Jails

We already know that Donald Trump isn’t going to get any special treatment in Georgia following his fourth indictment in Georgia. Previously, Fulton County Sheriff Pat Labat made it wildly clear that Trump will be going through the booking process just like any other person entering the system.

“Unless somebody tells me differently, we are following our normal practices, and so it doesn’t matter your status, we’ll have a mug shot ready for you,” Fulton County Sheriff Patrick Labat previously told WSB-TV.

Trump has been able to avoid getting his mug shot taken for his other indictments, but this time, authorities are more than ready to take Trump’s mug shot, and it looks like it will be taking place in one of Atlanta, Georgia’s most notorious jails: Fulton County Jail.

Atlanta’s Fulton County Jail, like many detention centers across the country, is notoriously dilapidated, overcrowded, and plagued with lawsuits from formerly incarcerated people against the county. It is currently under investigation by the Justice Department for “serious allegations of unsafe, unsanitary living conditions.” More than 60 people at the facility between 2009 and 2022 died while incarcerated, including 35-year-old Lashawn Thompson who was “eaten alive by bed bugs,” in September 2022.

“Following the death of Mr. Thompson, evidence has emerged that the mental health unit in which he was housed was infested with insects and that the majority of people living in that unit were malnourished and not receiving basic care,” Assistant Attorney General Kristen Clarke told WSB-TV.

As of April, the jail was at 120% capacity. Six inmates have died at the facility in 2023 alone.

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If Trump and the 18 co-defendants were to make a visit to Fulton County Jail, (also known as Rice Street, after the name of the street the detention center is located), they will likely be booked, but not stay there until trial. Getting booked includes a medical exam, getting fingerprinted, and having a mug shot taken. It is not likely that Trump or any of the co-defendants will spend any time with the general population or in a holding cell.

Instead, Sheriff Labat will have to coordinate with the secret service (which is funded by taxpayers) to coordinate Trump’s safety and booking procedures. While critics of Trump might be upset that he is not being thrown in with gen-pop, his potential booking at Fulton County Jail is bringing the deadly flaws of the criminal justice system to the national spotlight.

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