Sainsburys dubbed Scrooge-burys as shopper spots leg of lamb reduced by 1p

Sainsburys dubbed Scrooge-burys as shopper spots leg of lamb reduced by 1p

A shopper has questioned Sainsbury’s baaaamy prices after he spotted a leg of lamb reduced by just 1p.

Vincent Burke did a double take when he saw the offer at his local superstore.

The 2.4kg slab was in the fresh meat section and had been reduced from £31.72 to £31.71.

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Communications advisor Vincent, 56, said he calculated that was a reduction of 0.000315%.

He spotted the bargain basement lamb offering at his local branch in Walthamstow, east London.

He had popped there on Sunday (Dec 10) to buy some milk and vegetables for the week ahead.

Shocked Vincent said: “I’ve certainly got a bit of beef, or should that be lamb, with Sainsbury’s over this.

“I calculate the 1p off to be a 0.000315% reduction, not exactly an early Christmas present.

“It’s a bit more like Scrooge-bury’s than Sainsbury’s. Not a very merry Christmas from them.

“I won’t be holding my breath for any great deals from Sainsbury’s in the January sales.”

And he added: “Did I buy it? Not likely!

“I think it’s the least generous reduction I’ve ever seen. Not sure it even qualifies for the term."

It isn’t the first store that’s been mocked for silly price slashing.

Last year Morrisons became the brunt of shoppers’ jokes after it reduced items by 1p just in time for Christmas.

Among items was Gordon’s Sicilian Lemon Gin, down from £15 to £14.99.

And visitors were hardly ecstatic about other reductions including a 70cl bottle of Tennessee Honey Whiskey slashed from £17 to £16.99.

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Meanwhile Aldi shoppers were also up in arms last February after the store reduced a pack of PG Tips teabags from £3.49 to £3.48.

“Bargain! Hope you stocked up!!” one shopper joked.

That turned out to be a printing error.

A spokesperson for Sainsbury’s said of the lamb reduction: “We’re looking into this peculiar price.”

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