Ariana Madix Recalls Catching Tom Sandoval & Rachel Leviss Red-Handed In Excerpt Of Tell-All Cocktail Book!

Ariana Madix Recalls Catching Tom Sandoval & Rachel Leviss Red-Handed In Excerpt Of Tell-All Cocktail Book!

Ariana Madix isn’t holding back!

In the first excerpt of her upcoming tell-all, Single AF Cocktails: Drinks for Bad B*tches, the Vanderpump Rules star is spilling all the tea — or should we say booze?! — on Scandoval! People snagged a sneak peek at the book on Saturday and, according to them, the reality star uses the pages to reflect on her romance with Tom Sandoval. That includes the “shimmering” memories of their “Honeymoon Phase” to, of course, the “Betrayal” of his cheating scandal with Rachel Leviss.

In one section, in between cocktails called “Midlife Crisis” and “Couples Therapy,” Ariana addresses the backstory behind a mezcal drink called “Smoke and Mirrors.” And it’s here she reveals the moment she (likely) caught Tom and Rachel hooking up in her home! Yeesh!

In the excerpt, she writes:

“If you’ve been cheated on in a relationship, one of the most difficult things is to eventually learn about the multiple points of deception that took place — the countless times smoke and mirrors were put in front of you.

One night we hosted a party at our house with a bunch of friends. It was late, everyone was drinking, so she stayed in the guest bedroom to avoid having to drive home. In the middle of the night, I woke up and couldn’t find him anywhere, so I went downstairs and checked almost every single room. As I was walking down the hallway I saw him leave the guest bedroom. He said he heard her walking around and just wanted to check if she needed water or anything.

A part of me instinctively knew that wasn’t the truth. I told him I believed him anyway and we all know what came next.”


So s**tty! As Perezcious readers know, the infidelity was full of betrayal, and not just because it was Ariana’s longtime partner and BFF hooking up. They supposedly hit it off days after she had to put her dog to sleep — and then weeks later, while the 38-year-old was at her grandmother’s funeral, Tom and Rachel hooked up in her bed. Just AWFUL!

While speaking to People, the Dancing with the Stars finalist elaborated more on the bar owner’s cheating, calling it “honestly really disgusting. I mean, that’s the bottom line — it is really disgusting behavior.” While much of the aftermath of the affair played out on screens, Ariana insisted fans have only seen a small fraction of the story, adding:

“The majority of my life is off camera, so that’s, I think, something that people will never see. We’re talking 24 hours a day, seven days a week, 30, 31 days a month of day in, day out, moment-to-moment, lies, deception and gaslighting and horrible treatment.”

On why she chose to write the book despite some being sick of the ongoing controversy, she added:

“In a lot of ways it feels like I don’t even have ownership over my own story anymore and there’s plenty of people who don’t know me or know my life who have declared it over or have declared it as old news, but it’s mine, and I’m living it. And so, sorry to those people who wanted to avoid it and couldn’t, but I certainly am still unable to avoid it, because it is my life.”

Seems like the pages of this new cocktail book are going to be a great place for her to continue to expose her ex for his gross behavior! We’re so curious to hear more when the book hits shelves on Tuesday! In the meantime, you can ch-ch-check out her “Smoke & Mirrors” recipe (below)!

A Sweet Drink with a Sour Bite
Serves 1

7 blackberries
3/4 oz. vanilla syrup (see below)
1 egg white or 1 oz. aquafaba (see below)
3/4 oz. fresh lime juice
2 dashes Angostura bitters
2 oz. mezcal
Ice cubes

In the bottom of a shaker tin, muddle 4 of the blackberries with the vanilla syrup
Add the egg white, lime juice, bitters, and mezcal
Shake (without ice) to combine the ingredients
Add ice and shake again to chill
Strain into a coupe glass
Garnish with three blackberries on a cocktail pick”

We know what we’ll be drinking when the dramatic new season airs! Thoughts?! Sound OFF (below)!

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