Farmer Will addresses Love Island feud after Tom and Casey accuse him of ignoring them

Farmer Will addresses Love Island feud after Tom and Casey accuse him of ignoring them

He shot to fame earlier this year when he arrived in the Winter Love Island villa in South Africa, and Will Young has become one of the few in the series who appears to have found lasting love on the show.

While some of his fellow ex-Islanders have gone on to rake in millions with brand deals and being a staple in the showbiz circuit, Will and his girlfriend Jessie Wynter opted for a more low-key life as they headed home to his family's Surrey farm.

Since then, they have become much-loved on TikTok as they continue to share videos from the farm, which Will has now written about his new book, For the Love of Farming: Farmer Will's Guide to Life in the Fields, in the hope that it will encourage more young people to pick up farming.

And although life has been going well for Will, 24, and Jessie, 27, since leaving the villa, they have found themselves embroiled in something of a feud with Will's former pals Tom Clare and Casey O'Gorman, who recently accused Will of ignoring them. The rift came to a head when eagle-eyed fans spotted that Will had unfollowed a number of his former co-stars on Instagram.

Here, Will opens up to OK! about the drama, post-villa life and writing his new book…

Hi Will! What have been your hopes with writing this your new book, For the Love of Farming: Farmer Will's Guide to Life in the Fields?

I think my aims were mainly to educate people, but in a very light-hearted fun manner. And to show that there is an option for young people, and even those who have not been brought up in the farming industry, to get into farming.

I touch on a number of different subjects such as mental health, which I think is definitely something that should be spoken about more within the farming industry. And it also touches on what I do and how I farm throughout the year and what needs doing season to season.

How have you balanced farming alongside your newfound celebrity status?

We're certainly juggling it. I think the smartest thing I did after coming off the show with Jessie was to come home to the farm and build on our relationship from there rather than going out an living the glitz and glam that comes after a reality show.

We definitely grounded ourselves and went in the right direction. Coming back home and carrying on farming and just building on what we have has made us a stronger couple.

Would you like to see more farmers enter the Love Island villa?

Of course. I've always said that I don't think I'm the typical Love Island boy, and I think I was the first farmer to go on the show. And entering the villa, I felt like I could be the face of the farming community on the show, because farming isn't the usual glitz and glam of reality TV. It's dirty and it's very messy.

It was great to see myself up there on Love Island and representing the farming community. I think it would be great for them to continue branching out further, as they already do tend to have diverse and unique casting.

Since leaving the villa, you unfollowing some of your fellow ex-Islanders has caused some drama…

To be quite honest, I keep myself to myself and me and Jessie keep ourselves very close to the farm so we didn't really see too much of an impact when unfollowing Islanders or anything like that. To be quite honest we didn't really think about it all that much.

We're just in a very happy place on the farm and we've both got some really exciting things coming up so we're just focusing on ourselves.

What's next for you and Jessie?

Well my book's been at the forefront of everything recently. Other than that me and Jessie have just been focusing on the farm, just living life together and enjoying every second of it.

I would love the opportunity to go on television and talk about farming, that's always been a dream of mine since before Love Island, back when I started my TikTok page.. So maybe that opportunity could arise and I can just get the word of farming out to the younger generation.

Do you have any advice for future Love Islanders?

Just be true to yourself. If you know you're 100% being yourself, you're not going to get everyone's approval. Everyone's going to have an opinion, but as long as you stay true to yourself, that's ultimately what matters.

It's also important to genuinely open yourself up to love. At the end of the day, that's how me and Jessie found a connection. We both opened ourselves up to love and we found it.

And that might be why some couples don't last, because they leave the villa and everything's different. But it was the opposite for me and Jessie, we spent the night together and were just like, "I love you even more now."

For the Love of Farming: Farmer Will's Guide to Life in the Fields is in all good book shops now.

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