Josie Gibson names her favourite This Morning presenter – and it’s not Holly

Josie Gibson names her favourite This Morning presenter – and it’s not Holly

Over the past 18 months, Josie Gibson has been a regular presenter on ITV’s This Morning and has co-hosted with a number of famous faces such as Holly Willoughby, Vernon Kay, Steve Jones and Andi Peters.

But the former Big Brother star, 37, admits that out of the long list of celebs, she has one firm favourite – and that’s her long-time pal, Alison Hammond.

When asked if she has preference of co-host, Josie admitted, “Of course I do and I have absolutely no qualms in saying it. Obviously my favourite is Alison Hammond. I love Al – she’s got such a special energy.”

Josie and Alison, who also shot to fame on Big Brother, have forged a strong bond during their time working together on This Morning since Josie joined the show in 2018. Their friendship is so close that for the last two years, Josie and her five-year-old son, Reggie-James, have even visited Alison at her Birmingham home over Christmas.

“She is the kindest person on earth,” Josie said. “You ring Al and after the phone call, you feel a million dollars. You would never know if she was in a bad mood because she’s too busy trying to make you feel good.”

Josie has revealed previously that her and Alison have been friends since 2013.

“We’ve been going on holiday together for years. Alison is very magnetic. She’s very honest and she would give anyone her last pound. When you’re really having a down day or are really stressed out to the max, you ring her and she’ll make you feel amazing.

She continued, “When we see each other, we laugh and laugh and laugh. We find the fun in everything and anything,” she said.

“She’s really funny and she’s really quick-witted. She’s a lot funnier than me. It does wind me up sometimes!”

“She’s got this way about her – you just want to be around her. I hate that I’ve got to share her with everybody!”

Alison opened up about her friendship with Josie to OK! two years ago, revealing that they're "really close" and spoke to each other "every day during lockdown" in 2020.

Sharing the sentiment, Josie agreed, "Alison actually got me through lockdown. She was there for me on the phone every night, and we decided to get very spiritual together.”

The friends have filmed a number of segments for This Morning including Alison and Josie Go Off-Piste, which saw them travelling to the continent to try out the ski slopes and Alison and Josie’s Road Trip where they toured the UK in an electric car.

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