British Tourists Could Face a Ban From Ibiza for Anti-Social Behavior

British Tourists Could Face a Ban From Ibiza for Anti-Social Behavior

Drunk British tourists who engage in anti-social behavior could be sent home and banned from returning to Ibiza, according to plans being considered by local officials.

As per the local governments in the Mediterranean archipelago, which includes Majorca and Ibiza, tourism policies have been reevaluated in order to crack down on tourists committing crimes and anti-social behavior. Under a collection of new measures, tourists could be blacklisted from hotspots across the Balearic Islands if they break the rules.

Back in 2022, some parts of the Balearic Islands introduced new regulations as part of a drive to curb the anti-social behavior of rowdy tourists; these rules included a ban on happy hours, free bars, advertising pub crawls, and two-for-one drink parties.

Additionally, the act of “balconing” — or jumping between or from balconies into swimming pools — was also banned. Following this, the government’s official bulletin on the matter stated that anyone caught breaking the rules will be “expelled with immediate effect.”

New licenses for boat parties have also been implemented in the past, while shops selling alcohol were ordered to close between 9:30 p.m. and 8:00 a.m. or risk hefty fines or possible closure.

Furthermore, this latest move from the Island of Ibiza follows a recently-presented campaign from the City of Amsterdam, who launched a video warning young British men to “stay away” if they were just looking to drink and take drugs when they visit.

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