Shayne Oliver's Anonymous Club Drops New Pornhub Capsule Collection

Shayne Oliver's Anonymous Club Drops New Pornhub Capsule Collection

Shayne Oliver is back with another Pornhub collaboration, this time under his Anonymous Club label. Back in 2017, the designer teamed up with Pornhub for its Spring/Summer 2017 collection which included tank tops and underwear bearing the video platform’s logo.

Now, Shayne Oliver is back once again with another remix of apparel with the premier adult entertainment hub. The partnership includes a selection of co-branded garments alongside a selection of accessories. The collection takes on Pornhub’s signature branding, including its unmissable black and yellow color scheme. The capsule sees the Pornhub branding and the Anonymous Club logo on pieces like a cropped leather jacket, the hoodie, t-shirt and sweatpants. Some of the pieces are not as conventional, including the t-shirts with several cut outs for those looking to blur the lines between adult content and high fashion.

The collection adds onto Oliver’s previously 2017 show, presenting a multi-dimensional dialogue that challenges conventional thinking about the fusion of sex, art and style. In this particular case, the collection is a bold amalgamation of adult entertainment and fashion. Take a look at the collection. Check out Shayne Oliver Group for more of what the designer is up to.

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