The ‘Evangelion’ Spear of Longinus Will Stay Embedded in Its Creator’s Hometown Until 2024

The ‘Evangelion’ Spear of Longinus Will Stay Embedded in Its Creator’s Hometown Until 2024

A real-life Spear of Longinus as seen in the Evangelion anime has been unveiled at the city of Ube, in Japan’s Yamaguchi Prefecture, which also happened to be the hometown of the franchise’s creator, Hideaki Anno.

This isn’t the first time the Spear of Longinus has been brought to life in such impactful proportions. Back in 2021, a glossy red iteration was displayed in front of the Tokyo Skytree to promote the final film, Evangelion: 3.0+1.0 Thrice Upon a Time.

The anime’s emblematic Spear of Longinus is characterized by a double-helical-shaped and two-pointed trident structure. The real-life iteration faithfully recreates the iconic piece in towering proportions. Boasting 7 meters tall, the piece was revealed to be part of a collaboration event between the city and the iconic anime franchise.

First revealed to the public last month, the Spear of Longinus was crafted by Ube Steel Co. Ltd. and features a gray-black appearance. At night, the piece comes to life with special mood lighting, where it will light up the Tokiwa Park area. Previously, the park showcased on its official X account, shots of the Spear of Longinus illuminated in a molten-red hue. But recent shots of the piece feature more of a magenta hue.

For those who are looking to visit, the Spear of Longinus will remain on display til January 8, 2024. In tandem with the installation, Evangelion-themed banners, pop-up shops, and displays can also be spotted around the city. For more information, head over to the city’s official website.
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