Yaya Bey Drops Off "crying through my teeth" and "the evidence"

Yaya Bey Drops Off "crying through my teeth" and "the evidence"

After premiering “crying through my teeth” at A COLORS SHOW session over the summer, Yaya Bey has graced her fans with a silky-smooth studio release of the single. The Brooklyn artist also surprised fans with a second track entitled “the evidence,” which comes with a music video co-directed by Bey and Chassidy Davis.

Both distinct in composition and lyricism, the two tracks offer up the first glimpse into Bey’s forthcoming follow-up to this year’s acclaimed Exodus The North Star EP. The soulful “crying through my teeth” catches Bey’s sentimental side. “Nobody ever stops to see / Just what reality might be / I know it’s real, it’s got to be / Because it’s always real to me,” she croons over a subdued organ-infused melody.

As for “the evidence”, “I wrote this song to encourage myself. I hope it encourages you too…” Bey wrote in an Instagram caption, after teasing that “something is coming” on her feed throughout the week. Stream the music video in the gallery above.

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“crying through my teeth” and “the evidence” are streaming now as a two-pack entitled the evidence on Spotify and Apple Music.

In case you missed it, check out Yaya Bey’s feature on Hypebeast’s New Gen roundup, which spotlights this fall’s must-watch emerging artists.
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