I quit job to help married men embrace kinks – their partners have no idea

I quit job to help married men embrace kinks – their partners have no idea

A model revealed how she brings out the clients' naughty side.

Emma C works for MyFet, a platform which offers customers a safe and open space to explore fetishes. The kinky worker has been in the game for five years.

She's helped clients to open up with their partners, ultimately improving their relationship. The kinks she caters to are varied, from edging sessions to small penis humiliation.

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Now speaking exclusively with Daily Star, Emma spilled the beans on how the controversial style of couple's therapy is often kept a secret from the clients' lovers.

The 30-year-old said: "I quickly realised I had a flair for entertaining on cam and it wasn't long before I quit my job to pursue it as a career.

"Since then I've won two awards for Webcammer of the Year and I'm one of the highest rated adult models in the UK. I earn over six figures a year without having to leave my house.

"My specialities tend to be cuckolding, humiliation, foot worship, sissy play and roleplay. I've found a lot of guys that drool over me online are married/in relationships, but have a kinky side their other halves know nothing about."

No matter what, Emma would always be there for her clients. She added: "Everyone gets their rocks off to something unusual here and there. And as long as everything's consensual and harmless, then I'm more than happy to help out… married or not!"

Emma feels proud to be in a position to help others discover themselves. Speaking about one of her racy clients, she recalled a moment with a man who was into sploshing.

She revealed: "He covered himself in cream, beans, custard, shaving foam – everything under the sun. Now, sploshing in general isn't that memorable after several years in the industry.

"The memorable part was that his wife found some beans down the bathplug, blocked his account and sent him to a therapist."

On another occasion, Emma had a client who was into extreme edging. The practice usually involves sexual activity to the point of orgasm, before stopping and resuming the kinky session.

She explained: "He may have a good sex life with his wife but he always came to me for extreme edging. Perhaps she didn't have the patience or just wanted it to be 'his thing'.

"Whatever the reason, no judgement from me! Edging takes some serious skill and self-control and I have nothing but admiration for it."

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