Kate's fresh take

Kate's fresh take

Kate’s fresh take: Her country garden is a world away from KATE MOSS’s party-set past – and has inspired her signature fragrance, she tells Rosie Green

  • The Sacred Mist Eau de Parfum cleanses auras, boosts mood and reduces stress
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‘Pottering in the garden is my favourite place to be. It’s when I am at my most relaxed,’ says Kate Moss – the very same Kate Moss who was queen of the London party scene for decades. 

Today the supermodel is passionate about meditating, self-care and spirituality. And her geraniums.

Seeming to reject the artifice that swirls around the beauty industry (when asked recently if she’d had fillers or Botox, she said: ‘No comment. Au naturel. Next’), her Cosmoss wellness brand is born out of a desire to share the benefits of her wellness journey. 

It centres on harnessing the power of nature to inject peace and connection into people’s lives.

Essential, then, that her Sacred Mist Eau de Parfum allegedly does more than just smell nice – it cleanses auras, boosts mood and reduces stress, too.

Kate Moss in her Oxfordshire garden where she first found the ingredients for her Sacred Mist Eau de Parfum 

‘I asked [homeopath] Victoria Young if she would help me create a scent that captured a feeling of wellness and calm,’ says Moss. 

‘We walked around my garden for hours, picking flowers and smelling herbs. Cosmoss was literally blended at the kitchen table.’

Moss wanted the scent to be ‘sensual as well’, adding, ‘we built Sacred Mist from the base up with oak moss – which turns out to be the essence of protection – then blended it with flowers from my garden: geranium, jasmine, tuberose.’

She uses her spray ‘as a talisman, as protection. We all have our struggles and it’s about the little things that hold you and support you,’ Moss says.

To celebrate the first anniversary of the Cosmoss brand, Moss has launched a travel size of the fragrance because, she says, while the 100ml ‘looks great on your dressing table, it is really heavy in your handbag’. 

A new take on lighting up.

  • Cosmoss by Kate Moss Sacred Mist, £68 for 30ml, cosmossbykatemoss.com

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