Little girl thought I was Barbie and wanted pic – but relative made rude joke

Little girl thought I was Barbie and wanted pic – but relative made rude joke

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    A car saleswoman who became a Page 3 girl earlier this year says her family had no objections to it.

    But Caterina Ramsay said one loved one couldn’t resist cracking a joke when a little girl asked for a photo after mistaking her for Barbie.

    The glamorous model, 21, was thrilled to make the child smile by accepting the request.

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    Writing on Instagram after, she said: “Cutest thing happened today, went to see the Barbie movie and a little girl asked for a photo cos she thought I was Barbie.”

    And she mentioned the above moment when asked by the Daily Star how her family reacted to her new career.

    Caterina said: “I told my mum and she was really supportive. The dynamic of Page 3 has changed a bit now with it not being nude and still being able to cover up.

    “That balanced it out and it made it a lot easier to tell the family.

    “You still get to keep your dignity on the pages but you still get that sexy side and are able to be body confident, so my family were supportive.

    “But I did have one joke from a family member where I was at the cinema watching Barbie and I was wearing pink and where I have blonde hair I think some people just thought I looked like Barbie.

    “I had a little girl come over and her mum was like ‘oh my little girl thinks you are Barbie, please can I take a photo of you’ so I took the photo.

    “I then went back to my family and they were like that’s really cute until the daughter goes home and shows her dad and he’s like ‘that’s not Barbie, that’s a Page 3 girl’!”

    And although Caterina is a model with 192,000 Instagram followers, her day job is a lot less glamorous.

    That’s because she grafts 9-5 as a car saleswoman, something that humbles her on Page 3 publication day.

    She told us: “It can sometimes be a buzzkill because I wake up in the morning and I have got my Page 3 paper and I feel like ‘yes I can take on the world today’.

    “But then I am sat in my office job, I sit there thinking, ‘I am in the paper right now, if you go downstairs, down the shop and open a paper you will see me but here I am sat in the office’.

    “It is such a contrast.”

    And as for whether tells her customers about her sexier work, she laughed: “I want to all the time!

    “I think it would help me sell cars. I wish I could just tell them who I am but I do a lot of it online rather than face to face in a dealership so a lot of my car sales are done over the phone.

    “I always want to say, ‘by the way check out today’s Page 3’ or something like that but I always get scared that my work will tell me off.

    “It's like living a dual life basically, a bit like Hannah Montana.”

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