Mum serves family Christmas dinner on 10in kebab skewers smothered in gravy

Mum serves family Christmas dinner on 10in kebab skewers smothered in gravy

A mum is planning on dishing up her Christmas dinner with a twist – by serving the entire meal on 10inch long kebab skewers.

Katie Fox, 35, showed off her foodie creation on social media and explained how it works. She told people the festive feast – featuring pigs in blankets, roast potatoes, carrots, sprouts, stuffing balls and Yorkshire Puddings – will be speared onto the sticks.

The only item she won't add on is the turkey.

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Katie, from Barnsley, South Yorkshire, claimed she was "surprised at how cheap it was" as it cost "less than £7 for four people". She said they all had two skewers each and were left full.

Speaking to Sun, the mum said: "It's weird but it really went well and I'm planning to do it again over Christmas. I wanted to have a Christmassy night after it snowed.

"I don't really know where the idea came from – it just happened."

In the picture she shared you could see the Christmas sides thrust onto the BBQ skewers. They were drizzled with gravy and served on festive paper plates.

On the side there was a glass of Baileys with ice to make sure everything washed down nicely. But it wasn't a hit with everyone, as some people claimed it seemed like a "pointless exercise".

Another said: "Just stick it on the bloody plate". A third also wrote: "Trying to make Christmas dinner like street food… STOP IT".

Last week it was reported most Brits would prefer to have a takeaway rather than tuck into a traditional Christmas dinner. Up to 59% of the nation said they'd rather order a meal than slave over the oven on the big day.

The results showed one in five would opt for a Chinese, and this was closely followed by an Indian or fish and chips. Meanwhile, one in ten admitted they'd even prefer to tuck into a pizza or fried chicken.

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