Omid Scobie wouldn’t know the truth if it slapped him round his chops, Piers Morgan hits back in ‘racist royal’ row | The Sun

Omid Scobie wouldn’t know the truth if it slapped him round his chops, Piers Morgan hits back in ‘racist royal’ row | The Sun

PIERS Morgan has hit back at Omid Scobie after he broke his silence amid the growing royal "racism" storm.

Scobie defended his book – and lashed out at the Talk TV star – on ITV's This Morning.

The bombshell book Endgame claims that Meghan Markle named two people she accused of raising concerns over the colour of Archie’s skin in letters to the King.

In the English versions, Scobie says UK laws prevent him from naming names.

But in a passage in a translated version in the Netherlands, the legal excuse is missing and instead two royals were named.

The "error" saw the book frantically pulled from the shelves, with publishers saying a revised version would be on sale tomorrow.



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Omid Scobie says he NEVER named royals in 'racism' storm – but Piers slams 'liar'

On Talk TV's Piers Morgan Uncensored last night, the pundit named the two Royal Family members in question.

This morning Scobie said Piers "wasn't credible" saying "he says a lot of things about me that's not true".

But Piers immediately hit back on Twitter, calling Scobie a "liar".

In a second Tweet, he wrote: "Comical to watch lying Sussex lickspittle Scobie say he’s never written a draft of his book naming the two supposed royal ‘racists’.

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"How else did the Dutch version get printed with those explosive details?

"He wouldn’t know the truth if it slapped him round his Botoxed chops."

He later added: "Hi Scobie. Rather than appearing on shows where you get to spew your bulls**t unchallenged, come on Piers Uncensored tonight and we can clear the air about your unfortunate ‘accidental’ naming of the two royals your heroine Ms Markle said made racist remarks about her baby."

It comes after Scobie denied responsibility for the Dutch translation of his new book "accidentally naming” a member of the Royal Family. 

In the English versions of Endgame, Scobie – often called Meghan's mouthpiece – says UK laws prevent him from naming names.

He writes that Charles had "reached out" to Meghan in written correspondence after the bombshell claim.

Scobie the writes: "But in pages of these private letters, two identities were revealed. Laws in the UK prevent me from reporting who they were."

However, on page 128 of the Dutch edition, it reads: "But in those private letters an identity was revealed and confirmed."

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Then a passage on page 334 of the Dutch version reads: "Even after Meghan and Charles by letter discussed the probably unconscious bias within the family, after it was revealed that (name) and (name) took part in such conversations about Archie, (name) has avoided discussing the subject."

Publishers Xander Uitgevers yesterday said they were seeking to remove Scobie's work from bookshelves saying there had been an "error".

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