Seven items you will never see Kate Middleton wear, including an autumn staple other royals love, fashion pro shares | The Sun

Seven items you will never see Kate Middleton wear, including an autumn staple other royals love, fashion pro shares | The Sun

FROM jaw-dropping gowns to stylish blazers, fashionable Kate Middleton's wardrobe is full of outfits we could only dream of.

But according to one style expert, Erin Fitzpatrick, there are several items you will never catch the Princess of Wales wearing anymore.

Leather outfits

According to the whizz, one item you won't find in the 41-year-old's wardrobe is a leather jacket.

Although the capsule wardrobe essential is a firm favourite for many, including celebs and other royals, Kate has decided to ditch it – and instead, opts for a more chic alternative, such as a khaki jacket she wore this week or more commonly, smart blazers.

In the same vein, the whizz went on in her video, the Princess also never sports other leather garments, including skirts, dresses or figure-hugging leather bottoms.

''They're just not her thing – and that's totally okay,'' Erin said, adding she won't say ''no'' to leather accessories and footwear.

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Posh designer belts

Another accessory she seems to have long ditched are belts with loud logos on the front – in fact, the last time fans of the Royal family spotted her wearing one was in 2017 on a trip to Paris.

Rather than posh designer belts around her waist, stylish Kate now choose a more discreet and chic approach with a simple buckle detailing.

Birkin bags

Although the Birkin bag may be a cult classic, the Princess of Wales has never been photographer wearing one, Erin said.

''Nor has she worn an Hermes Kelly bag […]. However, she does havew this red Hermes clutch – not quite as exciting as a Birkin though.''

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Backless dresses

There have been – and are – plenty of royals who love a backless dress, including late mother-in-law Princess Diana and Princess Eugenie, however, Kate is not one of them.

Erin said: ''She doesn't wear backless dresses but has been known to wear a plunging dress occasionally.''

Kate is also known for altering dress designs so they are more modest – including her dress for the Top Gun premiere when she switched out sheer back panels, for solid material and changed the colour of the zip.


According to the style whizz, who posts under the username @fitz.erin, the 41-year-old fashion icon also steers clear of jumpsuits.

This is unlike numerous other royals, including Queen Camilla and Meghan Markle, who often don trendy and elegant one-pieces.

Over-the-knee boots

As the winter approaches, most of us have swapped comfy trainers for boots, including a sexy pair of over-the-knee look.

But whilst these might be all the rage in the fashion world, Kate's decided to stick to knee-high boots, especially when paired with a midi dress or skirt.


Erin revealed: ''Lastly, Kate has never worn fringed pieces, like Queen Rania and Queen Letizia.

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''It's just not her style – and that's okay.''

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