Woman catcalled by builder humiliates him with five words – leaving pals howling

Woman catcalled by builder humiliates him with five words – leaving pals howling

A woman turned the tables on a builder catcalling her with five words – and his pals couldn't stop laughing.

Daphne Berry, who posts online under the username @berridaph, claims she was walking down the street when a builder started catcalling her in front of his coworkers. But rather than just ignore him, she was able to humiliate him in front of his work mates with just five words.

In the video, which has gained more than 3.7 million views, she explained: "This man just catcalled me out the front of a construction site. So I yelled back at him, ‘Sorry, I don’t have any change!’

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"The way that all the men on the construction site started laughing at him and pointing at him and made him feel so s**t. It’s that simple, [just say], ‘Sorry, don’t have any change’."

Hundreds of TikTok users took to the comments cackling with laughter at the clip. One user said: "I love this definitely trying." Another added: "AHAHA yes! I’m using this line." While a third commented: "Oh my god this is GREAT."

However, a fourth shared her own method, saying "they always look weirdly confused" when she "tells them to say something funny when they tell me to smile". Other women said they have reported men to their company and they've been removed from sites.

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But not everyone is comfortable with talking back as one woman wrote: "I’d do this but I’m not ready to die." And another added: "Just smile back cause I too, don’t want to die."

Catcalling is a form of street harassment, which is usually of sexual intent, that can be provocative gestures such as honking, wolf-whistling in public areas. According to the BBC, there is currently no specific law against street harassment but it can fall under the umbrella of criminal offences such as sexual assault, voyeurism and some types of indecency.

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