Celebrity Hunteds Anneka Rice wants her ashes to be used in paintings

Celebrity Hunteds Anneka Rice wants her ashes to be used in paintings

Anneka Rice says that after her death her ashes will be used in paintings for her sons because she doesn’t want to be left “in the garage, in a box”.

The TV presenter has arranged for British artist Maggi Hambling to create three “seascape” pieces with blue “lumpy” paint that will have her remains in.

The 64-year-old shares two sons with theatre boss Nick Allott and another who she had with TV executive Tom Gutteridge.

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She said: “I’m going to ask Maggi, probably our greatest living artist, if she will use the paint, which will be kind of lumpy, but very good for one of her seascapes, if she could do me three little seascapes.

“She actually has just done Ed Sheeran’s album cover and she’s really up for it, so this idea has taken off.

“My kids will be presented with an artwork each which hopefully is better than them having me in a box under the stairs.”

But Rice is “worried” her sons will be tempted to cash-in on the landscapes, adding: “It’s a flawed idea now but I just didn’t want to be left in the garage.”

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It comes after the ex-Celebrity Hunted star jokingly offered police tips for finding escaped prisoner Daniel Khalife.

The 21-year-old former British Army soldier managed to escape from HMP Wandsworth prison on Wednesday (September 6).

It's said the terror suspect strapped himself to the bottom of a delivery van, prompting a nationwide manhunt with cops searching Richmond Park in south-west London.

Anneka shared a snap of herself taken when she competed on Celebrity Hunted in 2017, writing: "Note for police! On Celebrity Hunted I hid in Richmond Park.

"Then a stranger drove me to the south coast. I hid under a large bass guitar at Dire Straits' John Ilsley's house.

"Then he took me in his speed boat to the Isle of Wight where I hid under some garlic. You're very welcome."

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