Bake Off star says producers stir up trouble – by listening to them on the loo

Bake Off star says producers stir up trouble – by listening to them on the loo

A Great British Bake Off star has revealed how all contestants stay mic’ed up – even when they go to the toilet.

Urvashi Roe, who appeared in the second series of the hit show in 2011, said the producers always tried to ‘stir up trouble’. The 52-year-old, who was eliminated in round three – the bread round – said all 12 contestants were recorded from 6am until the end of the day.

She said: “The producers did stir up trouble. We were microphoned up from 6am until the end of the day, including when we went to the toilet.” Asked about how producers reaction to a baking bungle, the marketing boss from Enfield, north London, said: “As soon as you made a mistake, they were there.”

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Bake Off judge Paul Hollywood also said he never realised how much his ‘handshake’ would mean to contestants. He said: “I never really thought that the handshake was a thing. It was just a way of saying “well done” and I’m not quite sure why it took off the way that it did.”

Away from the screen, Paul has reportedly had a bitter sweet time of late. He recently got married for the second time, but his son Josh was apparently not in attendance.

Paul exchanged vows with pub landlady Melissa Spalding in an extravagant ceremony at The Anassa hotel in Cyprus on September 20. But, despite the presence of 75 of Paul's "closest" friends and family, including co-star Prue Leith, his 21-year-old son was not there.

Josh is the only child from Paul's previous marriage to his first wife, Alex. Their union hit a rocky patch in 2017 when Paul admitted to an affair with his American Bake Off co-star, Marcela Valladolid.

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