BBC EastEnders spoilers – Jay confesses and Karen steps up her plan against Sharon

BBC EastEnders spoilers – Jay confesses and Karen steps up her plan against Sharon

EastEnders’ Jay Brown is finally about to open up as his struggles continue after Lola's death, the show’s spoilers have revealed.

During Monday's episode, 23 October, viewers saw Jay confess to Billy Mitchell that he has been taking drugs.

However, he didn’t admit to paying Nadine – who looks like his late wife Lola – to sleep next to him, but his friend Ben Mitchell later revealed it, as the family gathered in the Queen Vic to talk about his downward spiral.

As they all discussed Jay’s struggles, they were unaware that Lola and Ben’s little girl Lexi was listening in, and when hearing what her stepdad is doing, she was heartbroken.

Tonight, Jay tries to make amends with Ben and Callum Highway, but they shut him out looking to protect Lexi.

Still struggling with his feelings, Jay then asks Ravi Gulati for a drug dealer's phone number, and soon heads off to get more drugs.

However, he's spotted by Gina Knight, who finds him at the car lot and takes the drugs off him, and then offers him a bed for the night at the Queen Vic.

Looking out for her friend, Gina convinces Jay to go home and try and put a plan into action to speak to Lexi.

Both Ben and Billy are reluctant to let him speak to the youngster, but when he is inside Jay finally has an honest conversation with her.

Will Jay opening up help him come to terms with Lola’s death?

Elsewhere, Karen Taylor continues to put her plan in action of getting her son Keanu Taylor back with Sharon Watts, to take her for everything she has got.

She eyes a smitten Whitney Dean and Zack Hudson as they prepare for the next stage of their fostering process, and tries to pull on Zack’s heartstrings looking to get him to help get Keanu access to his son Albie.

Zack, who is Sharon’s brother, then has an emotional chat with Keanu and realises that he is a good dad.

He then manages to convince Sharon to put Keanu’s name on Albie’s birth certificate, but what will that mean for Keanu in the future?

Finally, Cindy Beale regrets her actions from the day before, when she lashed out at Elaine Peacock in front of her daughter, Anna Knight.

She tries to make amends by inviting Elaine out for lunch, but when the women meet at Walford East, things are icy between them – will they manage to put the past behind them?

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