Coronation Streets Ryan and Daisy affair exposed in dark blackmail plot

Coronation Streets Ryan and Daisy affair exposed in dark blackmail plot

Coronation Street's Ryan Connor and Daisy Midgeley are set to be caught in a blackmail plot after they grow close once again.

Next week, Ryan meets Daniel and reveals he’s got cold feet about giving a talk to the kids in the STC, but he persuades him to go with him.

Later, Daniel gets Daisy to go to the STC to help allay Ryan’s fears, and he is thrilled when she praises his performance at the STC and tells him it’s proof he can show his scars and can stop resorting to anonymously stripping off for cash.

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Later, Ryan, who has just injected himself with steroids, sets off for a walk with Daisy but at the precinct he accidentally gets sprayed with fizzy pop as Max and Gav lark about.

Ryan sees red and pins Gav to the ground, and has to be held back from punching him, leaving Daisy stunned at his outburst and she is left even more horrified when he admits he has been abusing steroids.

Later, Ryan decides to go live on his fitness account and removes his filter to show his followers his scarred face before confirming he’s closing the account and intends to start being himself again.

Little does he know, Daisy is watching the video and goes to Ryan's flat, and the pair end up sharing a passionate kiss before they're left horrified when Daniel bangs on the door.

The next day Lauren quizzes Ryan about his relationship with Daisy but he insists that she is just a friend, leaving her more suspicious.

When Ryan confirms that he’s moving back to his Aunty Carla’s, Lauren’s thrown into panic, wondering how she will pay the bills by herself.

After revealing that she knows he slept with Daisy, Lauren then demands £1000 from the pair to buy her silence but refuses to tell him why she needs the cash.

A horrified Daisy promises to come up with the money to protect her relationship with Daniel, but will she manage to scrape it together, or will the pair be exposed?

Corrie airs Mondays, Wednesdays and Fridays at 8pm on ITV.

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