EastEnders fans ‘rumble’ upcoming affair for Nish Panesar ahead of Christmas murder

EastEnders fans ‘rumble’ upcoming affair for Nish Panesar ahead of Christmas murder

Mere days after arriving in Walford as Ravi Gulati’s long lost ex-girlfriend and mother of his children, it appears Priya Nandra-Hart may already have bitten off more than she can chew, after finding herself welcomed with open arms into the Panesar family.

After making her initial EastEnders debut earlier this week, Priya and her daughter Avani appear to have quickly won over Nish and Vinnie Panesar, as they revealed the truth that Avani was Ravi’s daughter in shocking scenes.

However, the mother and daughter duo appear to have grown closer to the family on Thursday’s visit to Walford, after being evicted from their home for not paying the rent.

Unwilling to let the pair face life on the streets, Nish sat down for a heart to heart with Priya, before inviting her and Avani to move into the family home with them – much to everyone else’s displeasure.

But while the gesture may have seemed like an act of kindness on the surface, several fans have predicted that Nish could have an ulterior motive as he and Priya were seen exchanging some ominous looks, that prompted many fans to fear an affair may soon be on the cards.

Taking to social media, one fan wrote: “I really like Priya – she’s entertaining. Also, I think soon Nish and Priya are going to sleep together.”

A second fan also noticed the chemistry between the pair and added: “Nish & Priya will sleep together soon. Nish is definitely interested in the young lady. I think Nish is underestimating Priya. She is smart and knows Nish is attracted to her. I can see her blackmailing Nish for money.”

Before a third fan weighed in and commented: “Nish is going to blackmail Priya into sleeping with him for free accommodation.” A fourth viewer then wrote: “The way Priya is looking at Nish is making me feel sick. She can't be fooled this easily he is worse than Ravi.”

Just as a fifth fan echoed: “Nish is 100% gonna end up sleeping with Ravi’s baby mum.”

However, despite many fans predicting an affair on the horizon, several others have speculated that Priya may be the one to aid Suki Panesar in fleeing her husband after discovering his abusive ways in the coming weeks.

“Can definitely see Priya and Suki butting heads for a while but Priya will eventually see what nish is like down the line and i hope she can be another supportive figure for her at some point. They’re so similar in so many ways honestly,” wrote one fan.

A second viewer added: “I kinda hope Priya saves Suki from Nish and exposes him for who he really is. An abuser.”

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