I was in one of the biggest bands of the nineties and played drums for Ozzy Osborne – now I’m a chiropractor | The Sun

I was in one of the biggest bands of the nineties and played drums for Ozzy Osborne – now I’m a chiropractor | The Sun

TERRY Chimes is best known as the drummer for the punk rock band The Clash.

The drummer initially played with the group from July 1976 until November 1976.

Terry then briefly rejoined the band in January 1977 for four months until April 1977, and then again from May 1982 to February 1983.

Over the years the group have sold over 6 million albums worldwide which include over 1.2 million in the UK

He also drummed for other groups including Generation X in 1980, Hanoi Rocks in 1985, and Black Sabbath from 1987 until 1988.

However, the drummer admitted that he was a lover of science away from music and it shaped his whole future after he got bored from music.


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He previously told The Guardian: "As a kid, I preferred a microscope to a football for Christmas, but I got distracted by music and the option of joining The Clash seemed more fun than medical school.

"The punk scene was more about boozing than drugs, but I saw people deteriorating before my eyes and grew fed up with the arguments.

"I played with the Clash a second time when Topper Headon's drug use became a problem. Then, after the Clash, I played for Black Sabbath and Billy Idol.

"Once I was in Sun City with Black Sabbath and we went ten-pin bowling. After three hours, my shoulder locked up. They said they would find a chiropractor.

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"This guy came in, cracked all my joints and I could move my arm again. It made a big impression.

I'd always known I wanted to heal people, so I enrolled on a chiropractic course in Bournemouth and didn't tell anyone who I was.

"But shortly afterwards they re-released Should I Stay Or Should I Go. It was No 1 for three weeks, and of course, I'm in the video, so the secret was out.

He also says that there are some similar skills to drumming to his new profession and his fellow even stars trust him to treat them.

He admitted: "Drums are the most hands-on instruments; chiropractic is the most hands-on medicine. You're manipulating people's spines.

"Mick Jones and Paul Simonon [from the Clash] have sent musicians to me for treatment, and I get some Clash fans."

He added that there have even be some hilarious encounters during his new career.

Terry explained: "There have been some funny moments. Once I was sitting in the car and the mobile went and this voice said: "Is that Terry Chimes Chiropractic? Terry Chimes who used to be in the Clash? This is the singer." It was Joe Strummer."

He now has a chiropractic business bearing his name after he first established a pain clinic in South Woodford, East London pain in 1994.

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