Princess Kate made a speech about how youth mental health is important

Princess Kate made a speech about how youth mental health is important

The Prince and Princess of Wales’s joint appearance in Birmingham on Tuesday was another classic for the ages. The few times William did look at Kate, it was with disgust or disapproval. She seemed especially hyper and animated, like she was overcompensating. But “William looks irritated with Kate” is just one of my favorite keen photo sub-genre. Please enjoy the photos of “Kate making a speech” and “Kate is saying something and everyone around her looks bewildered or like they’re stifling a laugh.”

Kate’s yellow blazer was from LK Bennett and it was a repeat – I remember this now. She actually had a reason to wear yellow – she was honoring a campaign by the charity (YoungMinds) they visited, a campaign called #HelloYellow. Yellow is being used as the color of youth mental health. So… I won’t call her a Century 21 agent. As for Kate’s speech, she said in part: “William and I believe we need to do all we can as a society to help young people develop the emotional and social life skills they need for good mental health, and to thrive in the world around them.” That was it, really. She doesn’t have a plan, she doesn’t have advice, she’s just there to say “mental health is important, we should do more” and then take the helicopter back to her separation home.

This video has a clip of Kate’s speech. Note that Will and Kate spoke to groups of youths separately. William’s advice was actually much better than Kate’s speech. At least he had concrete examples of smaller things the youths can do to improve their mental health.

Photos courtesy of Avalon Red, Cover Images.

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