Matthew Perry made a heartbreaking premonition about his own death just months before he 'drowned in his jacuzzi' | The Sun

Matthew Perry made a heartbreaking premonition about his own death just months before he 'drowned in his jacuzzi' | The Sun

MATTHEW Perry made a heartbreaking premonition about his own death just 12 months before he died.

The Friends star's body was found in his Los Angeles home on Saturday after he reportedly drowned in a jacuzzi.

Matthew's memoir Friends, Lovers and the Big Terrible Thing gave readers a glance into his life on and off screen, including his struggles with addiction, which he had openly discussed over the years.

Matthew shared an eerie confession back in 2022, writing: "Not only do I have the disease, but I also have it bad.

"I have it as bad as you can have it, in fact. It’s back-to-the-wall time all the time. It’s going to kill me."

The A-list actor told how he had nearly died and had had a one in 50 chance of surviving after his colon burst due to opiate use.

Although Matthew had a long history of addiction, no drugs were found at the scene, according to TMZ.

Law enforcement sources told the outlet that first responders were initially called to the Los Angeles property for a cardiac arrest.

Police told TMZ that no drugs were found at the scene, and that foul play is not suspected at this time.

The outlet revealed Perry came home after a two-hour game of pickleball, and sent his assistant out on an errand shortly after.

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Matthew Perry looked downcast while out having dinner days before death

The assistant is said to have returned about two hours later, where he discovered Perry unresponsive and reached out to emergency services.

Matthew also made the heartbreaking revelation that he couldn't bring himself to watch the US sitcom Friends, which skyrocketed him international stardom.

He said: "I didn’t watch the show, and haven’t watched the show, because I could go, drinking, opiates, drinking, cocaine.

"I could tell season by season by how I looked.

"That’s why I don’t wanna watch it, because that’s what I see."

He wrote: "I was taking 55 Vicodin a day, I weighed 128 lbs, I was on Friends getting watched by 30 million people – and that’s why I can’t watch the show, ‘cause I was brutally thin'.

"I had a rule that I would never drink or do drugs while working.

"Because I had too much respect for the five people I was working with.

"So I was never wasted while working. The thing that always makes me cry… is that it’s not fair. It’s not fair that I had to go through this disease while the other five didn’t."

It comes as…

  • Friends star Matthew Perry is believed to have drowned at home aged 54 as the showbiz world pays tribute
  • His parents and stepdad looked stricken as they arrived at his home on Saturday
  • No drugs were found at the scene, and foul play is not suspected according to TMZ
  • A neighbor, 17, said he saw 'too much' and was left 'disturbed'
  • The actor was last seen looking downcast as he went to dinner with a friend
  • One of his Friends co-stars has broken their silence on Perry's tragic death

The actor's final Instagram post on Monday showed him taking a late night dip.

In the image, the star best known for his beloved character Chandler Bing can be seen relaxing in the water with a pair of headphones on.

"Oh, so warm water swirling around makes you feel good?" the star wrote in the description.

"I'm Mattman."

In 2018, Matthew suffered a gastrointestinal perforation as a result of extreme opiate usage.

He was given a two percent chance of living after he was comatose for two weeks, and he had to use a colostomy bag while his colon healed.

While his body was relying on the bag, he woke up covered in his own feces "50 to 60" times during the five-month hospital stay.

"'I had sh** all over my face, all over my body, in the bed next door," he confessed. "When it breaks, it breaks. You have to get nurses,"

The actor also revealed he lost all of his top teeth during his harrowing addiction battle, after biting into a piece of peanut butter toast.

He said he carried them in a baggie in his jeans pocket on the way to the dentist to get them fixed.

Matthew's addiction only escalated as Friends grew in popularity.

At the height of the sitcom's success, Matthew said he was consuming 55 Vicodin a day and weighed 128 pounds.

Even a stint in rehab couldn't help.

He described the rehab as being like a prison, joking they may as well have fed him through a slot in a bolted door, adding that he hated the place which wasn't teaching him anything.

The U.S. Sun witnessed Perry's father looking distraught as he arrived at Matthew's home and spoke to officers before slowly walking back to his vehicle and being allowed under the cordon.

The Friends star's 82-year-old actor father John Bennett Perry was joined by the Matthew's mom, Suzanne Morrison, and stepdad Keith Morrison, who seemed shocked as they pulled up to the property.

The U.S. Sun also learned investigators turned up at Perry's Los Angeles mansion around 7pm local time, and were waiting for the coroner.

The 911 call was said to have been made around 4pm, and investigators spent hours at the house as Matthew’s family were seen looking distraught as they arrived at the scene.

They left some hours later and the medical examiner arrived about 10.35pm and was still at the property with the body in the residence at gone midnight.

Neighbor saw 'too much' and left 'disturbed'

A neighbor, 17, told The U.S Sun he and his younger siblings saw “too much” and were left “disturbed” when the police arrived and found Matthew unresponsive in the backyard jacuzzi.

It understood some neighbors could see over their back fences as the drama unfolded.

“I was actually home when the ambulance showed up and looked outside, I was just about to head to my friend’s house,” he said.

“They were outside my neighbor’s door. I didn’t think much of it at the time until police started arriving and everything. They didn’t hammer the door, they kept silent.

“It was very disturbing, and very sad after all those years.. from what he’s gone through and his addictions and whatever.

“I saw everything, I feel bad for my younger siblings.

“I was very sad. At the same time I did kind of expect it in some sense, but I didn’t expect it to be so soon. He’d not lived there long.

“I was very heartbroken to see what happened. I encountered him once, he was very friendly, friendlier than I thought.

“Very nice genuine guy. I’ve always looked up to Matthew and he’s probably one of my favorite actors of all time. He made the funniest jokes on the show.

“I just hope his friends and family can come together at this time.”

Perry downsized to the home in Pacific Palisades by the beach after selling his multi-million-dollar penthouse and neighbors say he spent months remodeling the swimming pool and backyard, feeling this was where he may spend his retirement years.

One said: “The work was loud and going on for weeks. I think he was upset at his contractor it was taking so long. The noise only stopped about a week ago, and to think he has barely enjoyed the pool. Now he’s gone. It’s incredible sad.”

Perry had a regular sober coach who would spend time with him, along with other friends in recovery, but spent most of his days alone with his assistant.

The actor was last seen out at a restaurant called The Apple Pan in Los Angeles.

He appeared downcast, despite being out with friends.

Perry's final post on Instagram also showed him enjoying a dip in what appeared to be a jacuzzi.

The caption read: "Oh, so warm water swirling around makes you feel good? I'm Mattman."


Prior to his death, Perry was believed to be single.

In December 2019, The U.S. Sun exclusively revealed that he was romantically linked to Molly Hurwitz.

Perry confirmed to People in 2020: "I decided to get engaged."

The relationship ended shortly after, however, with the star revealing to the outlet that they had called it quits in June 2021.

After launching to celebrity status, it was only fair he bagged himself a Hollywood actress for a girlfriend – enter Julia Roberts.

The pair hit it off after the Pretty Woman actress made a guest appearance on Friends.

They dated from 1995 to 1996.

He enjoyed a number of other Hollywood romances with Yasmine Bleeth, Scream star Neve Campbell and The Bold and the Beautiful star Maeve Quinlan.

Matthew also dated Gilmore Girls star, Lauren Graham, in 2003.

They worked together multiple times over the years – they even played exes in The Odd Couple.

Matthew and Rachel Dunn looked like they were heading for marriage during their two-year romance.

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Though he and the former fashion student had a 14-year age gap, they made their relationship work from 2003 until 2005 before calling it quits.

Not long after things ended with Rachel, Matthew then started dating Mean Girls star, Lizzy Caplan.

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